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ProfiTap Bypass TAP

ProfiTap Bypass TAP

The Key for Keeping your Network Safe and Secure

Bypass TAPs can support active in-line network security and performance tools. They were designed to avoid the "single point of failure" problem with other security appliances.

In the event that an active tool fails, wither due to a hardware malfunction, power loss, or software problem, a bypass TAP will keep the link flowing, while a redundant path can be activated. This way it acts as a fail-safe point of access, for in-line network monitoring tools.


ProfiTap's 10G Bypass TAP

ProfiTap 10G Bypass TAP

Bypass Netwrok TAP for Optimal Network Security

Profitap Bypass Network TAP is an intelligent device that keeps the network link operational even when in-line security appliances become unavailable.

Placed in front of in-line tools, it represents a fail-safe solution that continuously checks their availability. Therefore, if the tools’ availability is compromised in any way, the TAP automatically switches to a bypass mode, maintaining the network link up until the issue is fixed.

 Technical Specifications

ProfiTap Datasheet


ProfiTap 10G Bypass TAP - Fail-Safe Bypass & Heartbeat

ProfiTap 10G Bypass TAP - Specifications 


BP - Manager Overview

They Bypass TAP can be administreated either in CLI mode or in a graphical interface called BP - Manager. 
BP - Manager is a web-based interface, easily accessible from and OS or platform.

ProfiTap Bypas Settings
ProfiTap Device Status
ProfiTap Global Statistics
ProfiTap Port Management
ProfiTap BP Manager Settings



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