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Observer Performance Management Platform

Is the problem caused by your network, systems, or applications?

The Observer Performance Management Platform can answer this question faster, more accurately, and more completely than any other solution on the market today. Its's why many of the most successful and well-recognized companies in the world trust the insight of the Observer Platform. With total, operations-wide awareness for managing, reporting and troublshooting IT infrastucture, nobody does it better.

VIAVI Observer Apex

Observer Apex- The Big Picture

Get a 360 degree view of your network for accurate problem diagnosis

Comprehensively manage your IT resources with high-level, enterprise-wide reporting with end-to-end visibility into end-to-end visibility into network health. Observer Apex provides behavior analysis with real-time and historical insights into future network trends for proactive intervention. Macro and micro reporting with deep drilldown power, an intuitive user interface, and pre-built dashboards make it easier than ever to share data within the enterprise.

VIAVI Observer GigaStor

GigaStor-Retrospective Network Analyzer

Rewind, review and reslove more than a petabyte of network data

Observer GigaStor's massive data collection capabilities and unique time-based analysis eliminate the task of recreating issues. Simply rewind to the time of the event and watch as it occurred for faster troubleshooting and mean time to resolution.

VIAVI Observer Analyzer

Observer Analyzer-The Complete Performance Monitor

Know, optimize, and troubleshoot your network

The Observer Analyzer provides visibility without limits. Monitoring of complex operations across multiple topologies, rapid troubleshooting, insights into problems at their source, automated investigation, resolution processes, alarms, trending, and VoIP analysis are just a sampling of the functionalities available in this powerful tool.

VIAVI Observer Probes

Probes- Remote Network Monitor

Aggregate information across network sites near and far.

Observer Probes go the distance across multiple topologies for troubleshooting, collecting NetFlow data, network forensics, long-term data collection and more. Gen2 capture technology is ideal for gigabit and 10 Gb monitoring.

VIAVI Observer Management Server

Observer Management Server

A more comprehensive tool than any other product – all for a very sensible cost.

Enterprise-Wide Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing Accomplish more and improve performance in less time with the Observer Management Server.


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