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Observer VoIP Expert

Network Instruments - Observer's VoIP Expert

JDSU Network Instruments Observer VoIP Expert- Enterprise Strength VoIP Analysis

Observer's VoIP Expert, available in Observer Analyzer Expert and Observer Analyzer Suite, helps with VoIP monitoring across your network. Whether it's the big picture or a specific conversation, Observer Anlayzer offers real-time statistics, Expert VoIP analysis, and reports for all traffic levels.

Accurate VoIP monitoring is the key to good troubleshooting. Observer Analyzer provides visibility into the network, application, and VoIP traffic to quickly resolve issues. The VoIP Expert provides summary views to easily understand overall VoIP network health. Track over 70 VoIP-specific metrics on an aggregate or per-call basis.

JDSU Network Instruments Observer Analyzer VoIP Monitoring ConsoleVoIP Expert Analysis Features

  • Convenient at-a-glance summaries
    • VoIP Traffic Summary
    • Call Summary
    • Voice Quality Scoring
    • Precedence (QoS)
  • Detailed views with in-depth Call Detail Records

VoIP Expert Data Sheet

Your Guide to Troubleshooting VoIP

  • Addresses
  • Status (Open, closed, fail)
  • Number of packets, packet bytes, packet loss
  • Start time, initial setup duration, duration
  • Current jitter, maximum jitter
  • MOS, R-factor
  • QoS for each call
  • Number of packets that arrive out of order
  • Detailed analysis for packet loss and delay
  • Gap and burst measurements

Long-term trending can now be performed on Call Details Records (New)

Quickly Solve Problems with over 50 VoIP Experts Observer Analyzer offers over 50 event-based and threshold-based VoIP Experts to immediately flag problems for faster problem resolution. Examples include:

  • Alarms for unacceptable jitter level
  • Lost packets
  • Alterations in the QoS stream


Share VoIP Reports With Others 

JDSU Network Instruments Observer Analyzer VoIP ExpertThrough a web browser, engineers can generate and view a variety of reports on VoIP performance statistics and call quality scoring. Share reports across the company and schedule automatic e-mails to management.Manage VoIP Audio Quality Observer Analyzer displays the individual Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and R-factor for every call and as an average for all calls. Place alarms on this score to proactively manage overall VoIP quality. Factors that measure call scoring within Observer Analyzer can be customized depending upon the netwok's specific VoIP equipment and overall network characteristics. For example, VoIP calls made on the factory floor may be scored differently than a call made within a small, quiet office.

Quality score impairment factors include:

  • Loudness rating
  • Talker Echo Loudness Rating
  • Circuit noise
  • Floor noise
  • Coding and decoding delay
Monitor Quality of Service (QoS) Observer Analyzer's VoIP monitoring solution reports QoS levels by call, packet, and protocol. View percentage of VoIP utilization compared to overall traffic for planning network upgrades. QoS standards recognized include:
  • Default: RFC 1349, 1195, 1123, 791
  • OSPF V2: RFC 1248, 1247
  • DSCP: RFC 2474
VoIP Expert includes call ID and stream information including:
  • Number of packets
  • Jitter
  • Call setup
  • Duration
  • Teardown
  • Lost packets burst and gap measurements

JDSU Network Instruments Observer Analyzer VoIP ExpertEvaluate Jitter
Observer Analyzer's VoIP Expert displays the statistical variance of packet arrival times, also known as jitter, measured in timestamp units or RTP time units.

Measure Bursts and Gaps
Observer Analyzer's VoIP monitoring tools provide comprehensive metrics for monitoring bursts (periods characterized by high rates of packet loss), and gaps (periods characterized by low rates of packet loss). Burst and gap percentages quickly indicate call quality.

Track and Decode VoIP and Video
Observer Analyzer offers complete VoIP and video decodes, including H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), MGCP, and SCCP (Cisco "skinny"). Observer Analyzer also supports Avaya CCMS, Nortel UNIStim, and Mitel systems.
Nortel UNIStim licensed separately

Reconstruct and Review VoIP Calls
Reconstruct calls to review and hear quality issues experienced by users.

Compare VoIP to Network Performance Observer Analyzer tracks VoIP and overall network performance. It identifies whether jitter or delay is caused by other applications on the network.

Monitor VoWLAN With the Network Instruments Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA) architecture, Observer Analyzer's VoIP enhancements are automatically available across topologies. Observer Analyzer's VoIP Expert monitors VoIP traffic even over wireless networks.


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