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peformance management

Performance Management

Your Network Moves Business Forward

Using proprietary packet capture technology, the Viavi performance management solution offers the ability to mine network data and apply deep packet analytics to optimize resources in real time. From end-users to employees and CEO's, business service delivery impacts everyone.


Unified Communications

Succeed From Setup to Showtime

Your company is hosting an international video conference and two minutes into the presentation, the speaker's image blurs and the audio goes silent. A thousand miles away, you almost hear the groans. Is the problem VoIP, video, or something else? The timeframe for troubleshooting and resolution is impossibly short.

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Network Security Forensics

When Information is your Currency

Information is the lifeblood of your organization. Credit card transactions, employee data, sensitive company memos, and trade secrets that give your business its competitive edge, are all flowing freely through your network infrastructure--tempting hackers and cyber criminals.

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Virtual Management End-Users can See

Virtualization can provide significant cost and energy savings. With an abundant number of virtual servers, hardware, and storage spaces, it also offers enterprises greater flexibility to respond to changing needs and user expectations.

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Complete Cloud Coverage

Cloud technology offers network teams advantages that include lower capital costs, more flexible application rollouts, and more. So why is your help queue filled with more tickets than pre-cloud implementation? Because you own the network – when an end-user has a problem, your team gets the call.

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