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Virtual Management End-Users Can See

Virtualization can provide significant cost and energy savings. With an abundant number of virtual servers, hardware, and storage spaces, it also offers enterprises greater flexibility to respond to changing needs and user expectations.

See with Clarity. Manage with Confidence.

The downside? While concentrating resources on asset utilization and efficiency, the increased workload can result in performance conflicts that stress the network, servers, and ultimately – and end-users.

The challenge for network teams lies in knowing the health of virtualized operations. This means understanding the performance status of multiple physical and virtual components. Components can include, server virtualization, individual VMs, applications, the underlying network, and server conditions.

Virtualized High Performance

To overcome the challenges of virtualization, you need to see into virtual constructs with the same comprehensive visibility and clarity as physical environments. The Observer Performance Management Platform gives teams complete gigabit Ethernet, 10G, and 40G visibility on high capacity links to and from the virtual environment. See traffic on the wire, east-west traffic between hosts, and even between virtual machines within a single host. Get deep virtual component awareness and powerful application monitoring capabilities for rapid troubleshooting, resolution, and epic performance. From desktops to servers, manage with comprehension and insight. Access traffic within the virtual landscape of the hypervisor and get a detailed understanding of the physical status of underlying server health.


Packet Capture

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