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Contact Centre Testing Solutions

Has your Contact Center Become the center of Frustration - IQ Services Introduces Virtual Customer 101

Don’t let Your Customers Test Your Systems!

Ensure your Contact Center is working properly - Test and Assess your Contact Center Infrastructure under real world conditions with IQ-Service’s Virtual Customer.

Your Contact Center can be the first and only human contact with your company. The contact center infrastructure is built on hardware and software that is highly integrated. Customers expect that these systems work together continuously and reliably to supply great service. You may know that each component is working independently but how do you know that all the parts are working together, creating a positive experience for your customers.

How do you track results if customer service isn't Tracking - Try StressTest Performance and Load Testing Service

Deliver the Best Possible Customer Experience

Before going live by using IQ-Services StressTest you can validate the customer experience, verify functionality, test interoperability and software updates and the end to end quality and performance. By using our Virtual Customer we can generate real interaction into your center like self-service request, chat interactions, agent transfers, and give you specific feedback on how your customer service really stacks up.

Just answering the phone isn't the answer. Try HeartBeat, Contact Centre Performance Monitoring

Service Assurance with HeartBeat IVR Monitoring

By using our Virtual Customer we can monitor the end to end performance for your contact center solution testing the infrastructure such as voice response, call routing, agent desktop are working correctly. Our Virtual customer continuously monitories your infrastructure so that you identify issues before your customers do.



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