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90 Seconds to Lose a Customer

 A major issue with moving to e-contact centre is to make everything work together. As you purchased multiple best in class single solutions as you put this together you may not end up with a best in class total solution.  Another issue is turning unstructured data, comments from social media platforms – into actionable outcomes.  

Customers who are reaching out to you are usually time sensitive. You can lose them in less than 90 seconds, if communication channels aren't supported adequately. 

For example, a request is left on an organization's Facebook page. Followers and friends of that person see the complaint as do organizations using social listening tools to pick up on disgruntled competitors' customers. Before a response can be made, that customer may have received a referral or solution from a competitor. 

Companies may opt to initially service a limited number of channels, and customers are relatively happy with this. 

However, many of the excluded channels should still be monitored for brand and reputation issues – usually a communications department role but increasingly an e-contact center role.

But it is not enough to just put some or all those channels out there. You owe it to your customers and to your brand to know you are in line with the omnichannel mandate. 

All those channels must be available when customers want to use them, do what they're supposed to do, and do so efficiently and effectively. You need to make sure your customers don't get pushed away by all the technology you put in place to make it easy to e-connect in the first place. 

Customer Experience Management

To ensure all these systems are working correctly IR Prognosis for Contact Center's allows you to test and then monitor these systems to allow you pin point the system that may be involved in impairments 

Prognosis StressTest™ provides load and performance cloud-based testing giving you the insight you need to manage, tune and verify contact center performance before you go live 

Prognosis HeartBeat™ initiates Virtual Customer® test calls that interact with your system through the public telephone network just like real customers, giving you assurance that your system is working in every location and for every agent. 

With Contact Center solutions from IR, you have the power to be on top of everything 24/7 and identify and fix problems before they impact customer experience.

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Saturday, 10 April 2021

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