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Contact Centre Testing Solutions

Don’t let your Customers Test Your Systems!

Your contact centre is built using a complex blend of technologies and protocols integrated to deliver the customer service you expect to deliver. Customer can use multi-channel’s to reach your centre which can include telephony, e-mail, SMS (texting), online or fax. Customers expect these systems to work together continuously and reliably to supply great service.

Its not about how each piece of software and hardware performs independently but how do all these components work together

Are you implementing a brand new or upgraded Call Centre Service?

IR load testig stresstest

Contact Centre / Call Centre Performance Testing and Load Testing

Before you go live you need to understand how your system will affect customer engagement. It is hard to predict acceptable performance using in-house testing. IR Performance Testing Solutions  use an army of secret shoppers to navigate your systems at various load conditions to let you know if the solution you designed is delivering an easy-to-use, low effort and high-quality customer experience.

You can then analyze live customer interactions and observe, tune and verify voice and IVR performance under various load conditions. This gives you the confidence at every stage of the communications solution lifecycle that they work as intended.

  • Does the new system meet your performance criteria?
  • Which parts of the system or workload cause the system to perform badly?
  • Find issues that may not have otherwise discovere
IR availability and performance monitoring Heartbeat

Be proactive in monitoring contact center performance

Is Your Customer Experience Delivering On Your Brand Promise?

Having your customer notify you that your technology is not functioning correctly is not a good reflection on your brand. How do you know exactly what is going on in your contact centre right now! How is your technology behaving with your customer?

Using Prognosis HeartBeat, we configure a test call using defined call flows to validate from the outside-in traffic that mimics what your customers would be doing. We then measure the availability, accuracy and performance to identify degradation or glitches before your customers do. An alert is generated should any of your call flows fail in real time so your customer are not telling you

What can you detect with Progrnosis Hearbeat

  • the telephone circuit is down, busy, or not routing calls?
  • Is the IVR answering
  • Any incorrect IVR messaging
  • Degraded voice quality
  • Silence or large delays with your IVR
  • Incorrect IVR menu tree navigation
  • Dropped calls or system hangups
IR feature function testing

Feature Function Testing (AFFT)

Prognosis Automated Feature Function Testing is a repeatable way to feature test every possible scenario of an IVR application against design documentation throughout its life cycle. It takes extensive testing to ensure that your automated features are working properly. Automated Feature Function Testing (AFFT) is a way to make sure that every single possible combination of inputs and data results in an application are tested to verify that it’s adhering to specification.

To perform AFFT, it’s necessary to try every possible input at every step of the menu tree. Even if the menu only gives you two options (like press 1 for a live agent and 2 for an automated system), AFFT will try all other digits along with pound and star. Those are options that people might try select and you need to know what the system does whenever something unexpected occurs.

Be confident your solutions perform as intended.

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