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Application Performance Monitoring

Your network infrastructure exists for one reason: to deliver the services and applications that matter to your customers who demand access now, without interruption. Anything that affects your ability to reach customers has a serious impact on your bottom line.

High-quality application performance requires real-time awareness of what’s happening on the network. Network operators need to monitor, analyze, and report on transactions throughout the IT environment—whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud—to identify issues quickly and resolve problems before they disrupt critical services. This means understanding dependencies between applications and the network, being alerted to issues before business is affected, and accelerating troubleshooting.

For most businesses, network performance must now be evaluated and managed from an application perspective. To accomplish this, you need innovative transaction performance management capabilities that help prioritize problem resolution according to business impact.

Ixia Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Ixia offers a spectrum of intelligent APM capabilities that work with monitoring devices to capture and analyze network traffic in a scalable solution. Ixia APM solutions accurately, efficiently, and non-disruptively direct out-of-band network traffic from multiple access points, whether SPAN ports or TAPs, to the monitoring device for analysis. The result is application awareness that dramatically raises network performance, availability, and security.

Ixia APM enables

Full network visibility. Ixia’s APM solutions deliver all required traffic from anywhere in the network to the monitoring tools, allowing fully 100 percent of traffic to be monitored and analyzed.

  • Simplified deployment. Flexible enough to work in any network environment, Ixia’s APM shares access with deployed monitoring and security tools.
  • Streamlined scalability. Ixia’s APM allows you to add 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, or 100GE ports, with filters dynamically adjusted to meet bandwidth requirements.
  • Effective security. Ixia’s APM automatically directs traffic as needed to a centralized “farm” of cost effective, high-capacity security tools to monitor distributed buildings and network segments. Traffic of interest is returned to the security tool farm for inspection.
  • Advanced Automation. Ixia’s APM solutions automatically respond in real time to network events that have an impact on applications, including event recording, security analysis, and traffic redirection. This capability improves application performance and availability.

Highlights of Ixia APM

Ixia’s APM’s advanced filtering capabilities work easily with your own monitoring systems across a range of applications. Additionally, our APM performs:

  • Load-balancing of traffic across multiple monitoring input ports
  • Dynamic tightening of filters as needed to ensure that key transactions are always analyzed when total traffic spikes over 10Gbps
  • Traffic redirecting among multiple monitoring appliances on a network to provide high availability
  • Packet capture on demand, based upon NMS/SIEM alerts

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