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Orolia Case Study - Banking on BroadShield

​Why This Case Study is Relevant

It demonstrates the importance of installing anti-jam and anti-spoofing software.


​A major international financial services provider was experiencing issues in their lab environment with its GNSS-based timing systems. GNSS reception was being intermittently lost and the customer didn't know why. Rather than using a stronger, interference-resistant signal like STL from Orolia, the customer was using a competitor's traditional GPS-based antenna, which was experiencing trouble from an unknown source of RF interference.


​Orolia installed BroadShield, our powerful anti-jam and anti-spoof software, into the customer's SecureSync time server. BroadShield immediately took mitigating action by identifying the potential GPS/GNSS signal interference. The customer had been uncertain whether they would ever see BroadShield in action, but thought it was a prudent investment given the critical role of GPS based timing in the infrastructure they were rolling out. After all, accurate time is a major part of Financial regulations. This incident proved that BroadShield worked as described by protecting the fidelity of their network and ensuring ongoing compliance with regulations.


​The customer was so pleased that they mandated that all of their stratum 1 time servers, and even a few stratum 2 units, would include anti-jam antennas and BroadShield as their standard configuration.

 Thank you to Jeremy Onyan, of Orolia, for the article.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

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