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Recorded Webinar - IOTA from A to Z

IOTA is an innovative way for you troubleshoot network issues by providing Real-time analysis on a Network Link. Mike Pennacchi, Owner of Network Protocol Specialists LLC, will discuss how you can quickly deploy IOTA to capture network traffic and enable real-time analysis remotely.  You will learn how to connect IOTA to your network, start capturing packets and use the Dashboard to drill down into the captured traffic.

IOTA provides fast and accurate overview of the network traffic, from anywhere with IP connectivity. This helps you to improve your MTTR, and keep your IT performance statistics trending upwards.

Webinar Itinerary:
  • Introduction
  • Overview of IOTA
  • Getting started
  • Using the dashboards
  • Workflows for IOTA
  • Questions
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Sunday, 13 June 2021

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