If you are an existing SolarWinds user and concerned

  • About how the recent hack might affect you and your organization's ability to monitor your network?
  • Considering replacing SolarWinds as your primary monitoring tool?

Join us on January 28Th. for this 30 minute webinar, as we compare the comprehensive NMSaaS cloud-based network management solution with SolarWinds.

We will show how we can scale to even the largest networks and is a complete solution for:

  • Device discovery, asset management, and network mapping
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring including, SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, IPSLA, VoIP & Video Monitoring, and log analysis
  • Fully featured fault monitoring for availability, performance, SLA's, traps, syslogs and more
  • Device configuration backup, restore, config pushes, and compliance checking

We will also discuss how the NMSaaS solution is unified which makes us less vulnerable to attacks compared to other proprietary hardware and locked-in vendor based solutions.

When: Thursday, January 28th @ 2pm EST
Where: http://info.nmsaas.com/nmswebinar-0

Duration: 30 minutes

If you cannot attend the live webinar, register anyway and we will send you the recording.