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Telnet Networks Technology SolutionsTelnet Networks develops vendor relationship to help our customers manage the technology and the infrastructure that key business applications run on. Today’s networks are made up of many diverse systems, with multiple vendors. So developing a management, visibility and testing platform is crucial to ensure that applications work from day 1.

Achieve Network Visibility

Increased network complexity creates network "blind spots". Monitoring systems find it hard to keep up or access the data that they need. Setting up a scalable network visibility platform allows you to get the right information to the right tools improving performance, QoE and security.

Network and Infrastructure Management

Your business relies on your network infrastructure to deliver the applications to your end users and customers. There are many network monitoring solutions on the market today to monitor this infrastructure. Telnet maintains relationships with key suppliers to recommend the right tool for your needs. Technology solutions such packet capture, SNMP management, NetFlow, Network discovery, configuration management, application performance are available.

Time Synchronization

Every aspect of managing, securing, planning and debugging a network involves when the event happens. Being able to correlate log and capture files is difficult when synchronized time is not available. Telnet Networks works with Orolia to deliver Oroila/Spectracom  time servers to deliver Legal Traceable Time for enterprise or public safety applications

Contact Centre Testing and Monitoring

Don’t let your customers test your systems. If customer service is the lifeblood of your business then your contact centre is the heart, it has to work well all the time. You can mitigate risk, ensure ROI and pre-empt problems from impacting your customers by using StressTest and HeartBeat to monitor your systems 24 x 7.

Network Performance Testing

Networks continue to converge with voice, video and data all being used on the same wired or wireless network. The failure or degradation of these applications can result in significant cost or reduced revenue, lost customers or negative publicity. Performance Testing Reduces risk of deploying new technology by validating that the application will perform correctly to fulfil business requirements prior to deployment.

Time Display Clocks

Synchronized time displays allow you to have every time display show the exact same time so no matter what part of the building or campus you are in all the clocks will be uniform and accurate and automatically update for daylight saving time. Telnet Networks works with Novanex Solutions and Sapling providers of wireless, Wifi and PoE display clocks.

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