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Telnet Networks - VoIP Management SolutionsMonitoring IP Telephony/Unified Communication

Businesses continue to deploy unified communication including instant messaging, web conferencing, video conferencing and VoIP to meet business objectives. Even though these applications are running over our IP network, these real-time applications have different monitoring requirements.

User Expectations

Voice Must be Available Anytime All The Time !!

To measure the end-to-end service for a unified communication environment means managing and monitoring all the components involved in completing a successful communication session in real-time

To Monitor Your VoIP Environment you Need 100% Network Visibility Into the Performance of the Components Involved in Completing a Communication Session. You need Visibility Into:

  • All application running on the network
  • Network elements involved in the conversations
  • Virtual and Physical servers involved in the communications
  • Assess Voice quality in real-time
  • Call Management Servers
  • Network Configurations of device

By understanding these components will help you ensure you meet user expectations, including the availability of the service and the quality of end user experience.

Primary Challenge of Managing your Unified Communication Environment

Maintaining the quality and consistency of voice conversation in an ever-changing network environment.

To do this you need to monitor your systems to be aware of when problems occur and what is causing issues with the users experience.

VoIP Monitoring Technology

Network Infrastructure 

The network is now the determining factor and the platform for delivery of your voice calls. Your network must be able to support VoIP and you need to understand how you are going to monitor for changes in application and device usage in the network. You can learn more about network monitoring here.

Call Quality

The second area is monitoring the user experience in real time from Off-hook to back on-hook. It is essential to gain visibility into the overall service availability, call setup process, conversation quality, speech clarity. Three technologies exist to monitor you VoIP Environment and suppliers will use a combination of integrating with your PBX, passive monitoring and active testing.

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