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VoIP Assessment / VoIP Readiness Testing - Are you ready?

Are you considering a Unified Communications strategy in your organization?

Is your network ready to support this strategy? Jitter Delay and Packet loss can result in unacceptable call quality.

Gartner Estimates That 90% of Existing Data Networks Need Additional Build-out to Support VoIP and 100% Require Some Configuration Changes.

Your network determines the overall voice quality, performance and end-user satisfaction. Poor network infrastructure will lead to unnecessary network upgrades and put your project at risk. Your network has to be able to support your unified business strategy.

A Proper VoIP Pre-Assessment can determine where bottlenecks will be and what investments need to be made before moving ahead with your IP telephony project.

The Benefits of Testing

  • Voice Path – test the actual path the voice will take. The signaling may be set up differently than the path the actual call follows.
  • Voice Quality – Measure the Jitter, Latency and Loss on voice calls before deployment. By measuring these variables you can calculate the MOS values, or the actual call quality
  • Number of sustainable calls – You can measure the number calls your network can sustain before voice quality starts to diminish.
  • Feasibility of success – You will know before you start what is the feasibility of success.

The Right Methodology

  • Build a Network Inventory so that you understand what LAN/WAN components are going to effect your overall quality.
  • Current Network Utilization of each device and link to baseline your network over a period of time.
  • Configuration assessment to compare information about device configuration gathered during a network inventory to a set of rules you supply.
  • Model the network to predict the call quality that can be expected based on the current network statistics.
  • Synthetic Calls Predicts call quality in a real environment. This gives you the metrics to provide an accurate prediction of the overall call quality that can be expected once VoIP is deployed.
  • Reporting and pull all your information in a report so that you have a base line.

Call Generators

Call Generators allow you to add actual call and/or call signalling to the network or in a lab environment so that in a controlled condition you can determine what is happening and the capacity that the network can maintain. This can work well with Ethernet Monitoring Tools such as Viavi Solutions Observer Analyzer to troubleshoot the problem

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