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VoIP Performance Testing

Be Confident in your VoIP Decision Before You Buy

As you go through your vendor selection process you should test the functionality of the equipment and how each vendor solution will perform under any combination of network conditions, such as latency, packet loss, bandwidth, congestion, link disconnects etc.

Applying a mix of IP and VoIP traffic over a simulated network in your lab will highlight what the effect of adding voice traffic will be in your environment. Accomplishing this will give you insight on how the equipment should be configured when it’s deployed.

You can proactively determine call quality for all your remote locations, before you purchase. You can also assess VoIP performance under future conditions, such as increased traffic or additional remote locations.

Benefits of Performance testing

  • Determine remote end-user call quality before rollout
  • Understand the impact of VoIP traffic on other mission critical data and video applications
  • Accurately determine the network capacity resources needed
  • Assess the impact of planned network changes on VoIP performance
  • Network Simulation

    Candela LANforge ICE for VoIP is a network simulation tool that allows you to create different network architectures, and test data, voice and video applications side by side over each simulated network. LANforge ICE creates and exact replica of your production network and remote end user location in your pre-deployment lab. We are able to emulate network impairments, simulating wireless, satellite and WAN connections by setting latency, throughput, and packet degradation. You can even determine the right infrastructure and network capacity needed to deliver the required performance to all remote end-users.

    Traffic Generation

    LANforge ICE integrates directly with LANforge Fire VoIP call generator; LANforge Fire will allow you fully test VoIP performance well before you roll it out to production. Now you will know the real Voice quality your network can deliver at all remote locations.

    Network Assessment

    Once you have decided on your vendor and configuration you can continue on with the next step which is a full network assessment:

    • Building your network inventory
    • Understanding current network utilization
    • A configuration assessment
    • Model your network
    • Adding synthetic calls
    • And report on this baseline

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