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Designing the industry’s first bypass test access point (TAP) is just one of the many benchmarks for success, and since their founding in 2011, Garland Technology has accelerated research and development, alongside a commitment to product evolution and quality, to become the leader for the industry’s most reliable test access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions.

Garland Technology believes that securing and monitoring your network is the ultimate goal. Their TAP to ToolTM philosophy empowers the solution by architecting to the tool, not competing with them. Garland Technology provides the scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what's important - performance and cybersecurity.

Garland Technology is committed to helping increase the value of your network by offering the industry's most reliable, economical, easy to deploy, and scalable network TAP, packet broker, and cloud visibility solutions.

 Deployed Globally in Every Vertical

 Telcos • Government • Healthcare • Defense • Manufacturing • Financial • Retail • Energy • Entertainment • Technology • Pharmaceuticals • Education • Transportation • Gaming • Enterprise IT network

Breakout Network TAPs

Passive Fiber and Copper Network Visibility

Garland Technology’s network TAPs (Test Access Points) make full duplex copies of network data without affecting network traffic, providing complete visibility and the high-performance monitoring and security solutions require.

Garland's Breakout TAPs:

  • Are purpose-built for packet visibility
  • Provide 100% full duplex traffic
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Improve network monitoring tool efficiency
  • 100% secure and invisible to the network
Garland Breakout Network TAPs
Garland Aggregator TAPs

Aggregator Network TAPs

Send traffic to Multiple Monitoring Appliances to Analyze Your Network

A TAP aggregator is used to provide 100% full duplex traffic; the traffic can then be sent to multiple monitor appliances to analyze your network.

Garland's Aggregator TAPs:

  • Are purpose-built for packet visibility
  • Aggregate 100% full duplex link to 1 port; 4 links to 1; 11 links to 1
  • Media conversion SX, LX, 100Base-FX, 100BASE-LX to copper or SFP
  • FieldTAP Monitoring on USB 3.0

TAP + Packet Brokers

Providing the Visibility of a Network TAP with the Functionality of a Packet Broker

As the industry leader on TAP innovation, Garland delivers packer broker functionality with the visibility of a network TAP — designed specifically to improve your tool performance. The XtraTAP line of network TAP and TAP packet broker hybrids, provides complete packet visibility while incorporating additional features like advanced filtering, aggregation and load balancing to optimize and extend the life of your tools.

  • Purpose-built for packet visibility
  • Packet broker functionality in the palm of your hand
  • Filter out traffic network and security tools don’t need to see
  • Improve tool functionality by optimizing traffic and reducing processing burden
  • Extend the reach and life of your tools, while saving budget
  • Reduce rack space
Garland TAP Hybrids
Garland Bypass TAPs

Inline Bypass TAPs

For Inline Edge Security

A Bypass TAP, also referred to as a 'bypass switch', provides the ability to manage the availability and reliability of your inline tool (Firewall, IPS, WAF) any time without network downtime or impacting business availability for maintenance or upgrades. A critical component to IT security strategies.

Garland Technology’s Bypass TAPs:

  • Prevent your tool from being a single point of failure (SPOF)
  • Administrative isolation - No maintenance windows
  • Operational isolation - Expedited problem resolution of unplanned downtime
  • Tool Sandbox - Pilot or deploy new tools
  • Deployment efficiency - Extend the reach of tools into multiple network segments
  • Network resilience - Flexibility to bypass the tool and keep the network up, or to failover to a High Availability [HA] solution

Network Packet Brokers

Purpose-built and Specialized for your Needs

Garland provides the advantages of full-featured Network Packet Brokers (NPB) at a significantly less cost. We take the approach of providing solutions that are flexible and scalable for future on-demand growth with excellent ROI. Allowing you to deploy what you need, when you need it.

Deconstructed Purpose-built Packet Brokers:

  • Advanced Aggregators: filtering, aggregation and load balancing
  • Advanced Features: deduplication, packet slicing and time stamping
  • Hybrid NPB’s with TAP integration
  • Inline Edge Security Packet Brokers with Bypass integration
  • No additional per-port or feature license fees
Garland Network Packet Brokers

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