StableNet Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis

StableNet® Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis

Resolve network problems quickly by getting pinpointed to the root cause

Fault Management at a glance


Network Fault Management with StableNet® enables your network team to monitor and quickly isolate faults within a network and further to manage resolving the issue. StableNet® can be configured to interwork and fill in the trouble ticket entries of commonly used trouble ticket and incident management systems. This way, you can discover and troubleshoot occurring problems in your network faster.

StableNet® includes a real-time analysis system combined with a very efficient and automated Root Cause Analysis system. The Root Cause Analysis shows the source of the problem, all affected devices and areas, and hereby allows effective troubleshooting. It automatically creates root causes of discovered physical connections.

A single alarm shows the problem-causing component with the ability to directly drill-down to the respective device which had caused the performance issue or fault.

Fault & RCA Features

Check out some of the key functionalities


Service Assurance

Service Assurance & Service Fulfillment on a single platform.


Dynamic Rule Generation

DRG is like cruise control for your network rule set


Root Cause & Impact Analysis

Automate Root Cause Analysis and alarm processing

Key Benefits

See what StableNet® can do for you and why it matterss

Control your entire network within one software

    Track the status of your devices like servers, routers, switches, and other network devices. Get instant alerts if one of your devices does not act as configured.

    Auto-Correlation of alarms & events

      Intelligent correlation for fast problem identification, classification, investigation, and diagnosis.

      Discover problems in your network faster

        Identify the root cause of faults or problems in your network with the automated Root Cause Analysis. Solve the issue quickly instead of spending too much time for identifying the source.

        Centralized, scalable monitoring

          Monitor every important service, device, or business process in your company with one unified software built from a single codebase.

          Business Impact Analysis

            Be one step ahead of network users: determine and evaluate the effects of an interruption to critical business operations and take appropriate measures in advance.

            Improved Application & Infrastructure Availability

              Fast troubleshooting and error-handling which reduces mission-critical network downtime.

              Automated Root Cause Analysis

                Discover problems like outages and performance degradation faster and troubleshoot them before the impact of the failure hits a large number of users by pinpointing the cause to the failing device or service.

                Quick isolation

                  Dependency graphs, based on automatically updated inventory and discovery data, allow an almost instant indication of the root cause and the affected areas which avoids time-consuming rules parsing.

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