StableNet Performance & Service Management

StableNet® Performance & Service Management

Continously measure KPIs and monitor SLAs to stay in control

Performance & Service at a glance


With the Service and Performance Management by StableNet®, network operators are not only able to get an overview of the network and services being provided, but can also drill down into specific instances, filter by various technologies and protocols, and enjoy the benefits of simplified, graphical depictions in order to glean new information. These visualizations are dynamic and provide real time, automated and current views of what is going on and help you monitor your performance.

While the Service Analyzer does offer a traditional table view, it can do much more. You can choose between logical and neighborhood views, see your services as topographies or weather maps.

Performance Features

Check out some of the key functionalities


Network, Service & Traffic Analysis

Ultimate network transparency


SD-WAN Monitoring

StableNet® helps you to operate SD-WAN and to meet your SLA commitments towards your customers


Cloud Monitoring

Full stack monitoring for all your cloud services


Capacity Planning

Anticipate future financial and resource investment requirements


IT-Management & Business Process Management

Model and monitor your business processes


Service Oriented Architecture & APIs

StableNet® technology revolutionizes the management of large heterogeneous network infrastructures


FTTx service delivery solution

Simplify roll-outs and build long-term customer value


Integrating Telemetry into Your Network

From SNMP to Telemetry: One holistic platform solution to manage it all


Network Audits that ensure compliance and enhance security

A platform solution for everything you need to manage your complex network and service infrastructure


Comprehensive Network Visibility

Because you can’t manage what you can’t see!


Customizable dashboards

Create user-driven dashboards and reporting for the information you need

Key Benefits

See what StableNet® can do for you and why it matterss

Flexible and individual KPI definition

    Quickly see how the network is meeting the organization’s business goals

    Flexible APIs

      Import and export of data structure

      Monitoring on different levels: traffic, device, service level

        Collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data from any source and any vendor

        Big Data Analysis

          Ability to deal with increasingly large and complex amounts of data

          Real-time and interactive graphical visualization

            e.g. Service Analyzer, Dashboards, Widgets, Weather Maps

            Ready for multi-vendor network management?

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