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Ever wonder what visibility really means to your organization? Hear what Ixia's Recep Ozdag, VP Product Management, has to say about visibility and why it matters for your organization's network.
Ixia Visibility Solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility, insight and security into physical, virtual, SDN and NFV networks, delivering the control, coverage and performance in a seamless fashion to protect and improve crucial networking, data center and cloud business assets.

Step 1: Capture all your network traffic by tapping every network link

Step 2: Through non-production links, traffic flows to one or more Vision network packet brokers where duplicate data is removed then filtered using NetStack, PacketStack, SecureStack and AppStack visibility intelligence capabilities

Step 3: Your security, performance and monitoring tools receive the most appropriate data stream, tailored specifically for that tool; your tools work more efficiently, and most effectively



The Ixia family of taps provides 100 percent visibility and permanent passive access points into the customer’s network. When a monitoring tool is needed, simply connect the device to the tap instead of taking down the link and interrupting traffic. Taps pass all network traffic—including Layers 1 and 2 errors—without introducing bottlenecks or points of failure. Regardless of interface or location in the network, we provide a tap solution, supporting copper, multimode and single mode fiber at speeds up to 100Gbps with media conversion models available.
Ixia's Patch TAPs
Ixia's Flex TAPs
Ixia's Copper TAPs
Ixia's Aggregation TAPs
Ixia's Regeneration TAPs


Ixia's Vision ONE Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision Edge 1S Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision xStream 40 Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision Edge 100 Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision Edge OS Network Packet Broker Operating System
Ixia's TradeVision Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision Edge 40 Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision 7300 Network Packet Broker
Ixia's TradeView Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision Edge 10S Network Packet Broker
Ixia's Vision 5288 Network Packet Broker
Ixia's GTP Session Controller 7433 Network Packet Broker


Migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud requirs actionable intelligence for IT security and analytics tools-which are only as good as the data they see. IT's challenge is to ensure that the infrastructure delivers applications that are reliable, fast, and secure. Business changes are forcing IT to gain greater insight and understanding of the network to maximize performance. Ixia's CloudLens™ delivers end-to-end visibility and provides context-aware data processing across all cloud enviroments - public, private and hybrid cloud - making applications stronger by providing a high level of network intelligence.

Ixia CloudLens™ Public

Ixia CloudLens™ Private

Ixia CloudLens™ for Mobile Carriers

Ixia CloudLens™ for Service Providers


When a network monitoring device such as an IPS is deployed inline in a network, it is vital to ensure that traffic continues to flow in all circumstances, even if the IPS loses power, so that mission-critical business applications remain available. A bypass switch is an excellent solution that keeps traffic flowing, for failsafe implementation of inline security tools.
iBypass 100G
iBypass 40G
iBypass 3 Copper
iBypass VHD
iBypass HD
iBypass DUO

Visibility Management

Ixia offers an easy-to-use, intuitive click-and-drop NPB interface to allow operators to make connections from taps or SPAN ports to their connected tools. The configuration of filters is streamlined and easy, with overall setup requiring minimal time and effort, even for large shops and complicated networks. No professional services or expensive training is required to learn and implement the Ixia visibility solutions. This eliminates the need to use time-consuming command line interface (CLI) or web user interface (WebUI) dialogs, or invest hours or days designing complex logic.

Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) is a SDN controller for visibility that is allows multiple network packet brokers to work collectively within a single plan of glass. IFC extends a full set of API controls and integrates with Cisco ACI, as well as other SDN architectures.



Ixia's Fabric Controller

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