World’s first instantly scalable network test solution for zero trust in distributed cloud environments


  • Realism
    • create digital twin of users, applications, and attacks to replicate and test QoE in real-world network environments
  • Native authentication
    • send application and security traffic over authenticated sessions at high scale
  • Highly scalable
    • supports millions of concurrent users and millions of connections per second that elastically scale up and down, enabling both resiliency and chaos testing
  • Containerized agents
    • deploy lightweight traffic agents as containerized pods on-prem, VMs, managed Kubernetes deployments, private or public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Lab and live network testing
    • test performance and security both pre-deployment in a lab or safely in live production networks
  • Flexible
    • portable subscription-based software solution with a robust and intuitive cloud-native GUI management dashboard

Deploy Lightweight Test Agents Across Physical and Cloud Environments to Deliver Unprecedented Insights

Are you delivering high-quality access to users, devices, and cloud services everywhere in your distributed, disaggregated networks? Is your cybersecurity infrastructure secure enough to limit exposure across your on- and off-prem networking? Are your security policies dynamically adjusting to autoscale events? Your perimeter-less, elastic, dynamic network requires a new testing paradigm.

Keysight CyPerf is the industry’s first instantly scalable zero trust test solution for distributed cloud. This subscription-based software solution re-creates every aspect of a realistic workload across a variety of physical and cloud environments. CyPerf delivers unprecedented insights into end-user experience, security posture, and performance bottlenecks.

User Experience


Network Security


Find the Right Balance

With any security architecture, the more features and functionality you enable or add, the more stringent the overall security becomes. But this can incur a cost in terms of performance, which eventually impacts user experience. Dynamic distributed environments with workloads that scale up and down with demand present new challenges when it comes to configuring and managing security infrastructure and policies.

CyPerf delivers elastically scaling traffic agents that you can set up and tear down dynamically during a test to validate auto-scale policies. This process enables you to fine-tune the balance between user experience and security.

CyPerf Solves Your Real-World Test Challenges

WAF 800x450Traditional networks with a defined perimeter are easier to defend than perimeter-less distributed cloud networks. Today’s networks commonly employ zero trust models which assume you trust nothing and verify everything. Zero trust bases security on identity not perimeter and restricts any lateral network movement. Validating this complex infrastructure is challenging, so a completely new way to test network application and security is necessary.

Until now, there was no way to test whether a firewall performs as expected in a distributed zero trust environment. CyPerf gives network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) a way to validate their products by replicating real-world traffic that mirrors their customer’s actual deployments. CyPerf also enables enterprise IT teams to pro-actively and safely test their distributed networks to ensure optimal performance and security as they add new devices, tools and applications.

Zero Trust Validation

WAF 800x450Organizations need to ensure smooth deployment of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) infrastructure over complex topologies like physically distributed branches, clouds, and data centers. Testing is critical to get it right. But validating SD-WAN performance and security efficacy is challenging in today’s highly dynamic conditions that include a staggering number of cloud and hardware variables.

CyPerf recreates every aspect of a realistic workload across a variety of physical and cloud environments to simplify validation of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions and the bandwidth performance and QoE of various SD-WAN topologies, along with security efficacy of SD-WAN security offerings.

CyPerf Software-Defined Wide Area Network

WAF 800x450Maintaining security and consistent quality of experience (QoE) of geographically distributed points of presence (POPs) is a key challenge for content delivery network (CDN) vendors. You need a solution to validate change management, test new POPs before deployment, and detect problems early in complex CDNs.

CyPerf helps organizations verify service level agreements (SLAs), security offerings, rate limiting, and traffic policing to ensure high-performing CDN POPs. Evaluate POP performance KPIs and security efficacy as they are accessed from various geographically distributed locations to understand maximum and average latencies, caching efficiency, and load handling capacity like CPS, concurrency, and throughput.

CyPerf Content Delivery Network

WAF 800x450The future of next-generation firewall technologies is in the cloud with secure access service edge (SASE). To ensure your deployment delivers the promised flexibility, cost savings, simplification, performance, and protection, you’ll need a new type of test tool.

Keysight’s CyPerf is the world’s first agent-based test solution that recreates every aspect of a realistic workload, and security attacks like exploits, malware, and advanced threats across a variety of physical and cloud environments. It delivers insights into end user experience, cybersecurity posture, and performance bottlenecks of distributed networks. Test agents send application and attack traffic simultaneously through SASE solutions to validate the security efficacy of your SASE offerings and their impact on traffic performance.

CyPerf Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

WAF 800x450In the rush to move to cloud networks, organizations are finding difficulty in rightsizing cloud and optimizing cost while minimizing user disruptions. Testing the performance of elastic environments and isolating bottlenecks is also challenging.

Install Keysight’s CyPerf agents in cloud instances to benchmark application performance of cloud instances that involve switching, natting, or going through internet gateways to another cloud location (multi-cloud topologies) or on-premises (hybrid topologies). Leverage CyPerf’s ability to elastically scale up per the policies of the auto-scale group that it is part of to accurately measure the performance and security impact of elastic scale up or down.

CyPerf Cloud Migration

WAF 800x450Understanding your web application firewall (WAF) performance, deployment, and security efficacy is a competitive differentiator for organizations able to achieve it. The expectation is to get consistent performance and security from a WAF irrespective of its deployment mode (reverse/transparent proxy) the platform it’s deployed on (cloud, on-prem, hybrid) and balance quality of experience (QoE) with network security.

Keysight’s CyPerf is the world’s first agent-based test solution that uses test agents to simulate web clients and web servers that generate WAF and web attacks to test the performance and security efficacy of WAFs. The CyPerf WAF test offering helps validate a WAFs ability to block attacks such as OWASP Top 10 while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through uninterrupted.

CyPerf Web Application Firewall

Testing That Replicates Your Distributed Networks in Action

CyPerf simultaneously generates both legitimate traffic mixes and malicious activities across a complex network of proxies, software-defined wide area networks, TLS inspection, elastic load balancers, and web application firewalls. Combined with the unique ability to interleave applications and attacks to model user behavior and security breaches, it enables a holistic approach in replicating distributed customer deployment environments in half the time and with more fidelity than other solutions.

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