Ixia's iBypass VHD

iBypass VHD

Very high density 12-segment 1/10Gbps intelligent bypass switch

iBypass VHD


  • Fail Safe: Fail-to-wire network port architecture, ensures that traffic is not interrupted by a bypass switch power failure
  • Multi-Function Hardware: Built-in tap, regeneration, and aggregation capability provides the ability to feed out-of-band tools
  • Modular Design: Compact 1U design supports up to 3 modules per chassis capable of deploying 4, 8, or 12 bypass switches
  • Improved Optical Performance: Unique bypass functionality allows fiber runs to extend further while guaranteeing link and packet integrity
  • Redundant Power: Built-in hot-swappable power supplies are field replaceable and redundant; available in AC and DC variants
  • IFCCM: Compatible with our centralized iBypass switch management tool

Build a Bridge Between Your Network and Inline Tools

Problem: Monitoring Tools Add Failure Points to Strained, Mission-Critical Networks

Today’s organizations are facing a triad of network concerns: the increasing volume of multiprotocol traffic at higher data rates, mounting security threats, and a strict regulatory environment.

Deploying inline tools to inspect and control network traffic can help block incoming threats, but inline tools also complicate network operations — the more tools you deploy, the more potential points of failure. And in the event an inline tool becomes unavailable, it can completely bring down the network link, significantly compromising network uptime and disrupting business continuity.

Solution: Increase Network Uptime with a Very High Density, Flexible Bypass Platform

Get fail-safe inline protection for all network monitoring tools with our very-high-density bypass switch, iBypass VHD.

You’ll improve overall network reliability, increase application availability, and add the convenience and cost savings of remote monitoring and control — all important requirements for any enterprise deployment.


Example of a High Availability (HA) deployment showing two firewalls in ACTIVE-STANDBY and an IPS acting in series to the other two. This also shows a HA configuration for the network links.

Our iBypass VHD provides built-in tap, regeneration, and aggregation functions and the following unique capabilities:

Preconfigured Heartbeats

Preconfigured to work with security tools through a single click, reducing setup times and eliminating potential errors during deployment. Ixia is the only bypass switch vendor with preset, integrated security tool heartbeats built into the user interface.

Central Management Support

Our Fabric Controller Centralized Manager, the only central management tool for bypass switches, simplifies and speeds iBypass VHD configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices. This is a necessary requirement for any large-scale deployment and is available for all Ixia iBypass switches.

Very High Density

Highest density 10G bypass switch, supporting up to 12 x 10G bypass switches in 1U. This maximizes valuable data center real estate, reducing rack cost for large-scale deployments.

Redundant or Serial Active Tool Support

Manage multiple active or redundant security tools in a single device, which is critical for more resilient architectures and required by many organizations. Ixia is the only vendor supporting active-standby and active-active network/security architectures.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

The most powerful and simple user interface of any bypass switch. Drag-and-drop functionality coupled with intuitive presets, significantly reduces setup time and lowers ongoing support costs.

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