Vision E10S

Vision E10S

Cost-effective rack-level visibility designed for branch and remote offices

Keysight Vision E10S


  • Easy-to-use web-interface with point-and-click functionality. No command-line needed!
  • NetStack features built-in
  • Max 48 ports of 1/10GE
  • L2GRE origination and termination
  • PacketStack features built-in with 40 Gbps capacity
  • Supports Keysight’s Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC)
  • 1RU

The Evolving Network

Doorbells, thermostats, TVs, washing machines, cars, watches and the list goes on — the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving data production and usage, as well as application sharing by users at the "digital edge." To provide better user experience and limit exposure, the modern network is evolving to rely heavily on edge computing — the use of microscale, remote site or branch data centers that are decentralized and closer to the user.

These dispersed sites bring many benefits, but along with that comes the need for visibility at each site — solutions that either operate as turnkey solutions within locations that have monitoring tools or for sites where data is aggregated and sent to centralized data centers for security and monitoring.


Versatile. Vision Edge.

VE10S Diagram

Keysight's Vision E10S, part of the Vision portfolio of network packet brokers, has the right features to handle the visibility requirements of a single rack, branch office or remote site.

Vision Edge 10S

  • Is cost-effective and can integrate seamlessly with into your existing environment, ideal for scale
  • Can be deployed rapidly and modified quickly with our easy-to-use web-interface, which makes configuration and re-configuration simple and hitless
  • Is ideal for expansion as it is part of the Vision portfolio of network packet brokers
  • Has both standard NPB features including load-balancing, aggregation, replication, etc. as well as advanced features such as deduplication, packet trimming, header stripping, GRE tunneling, making it versatile enough to serve as a single site or cross-site solution

Designed For The Branch Office And Remote Sites

The Vision Edge network packet brokers can ensure the right data gets to the right tools in multiple data center configurations.

  • As a turnkey solution for single site deployment with network security and monitoring tools
  • In a distributed campus network using direct connect to connect with a data center
  • In data centers that aggregate and send data across LAN or WAN to central NON/SOC for real-time visibility operations
  • In a leaf-spine architecture, aggregating across multiple racks in a smaller or microscale data center
  • In a hybrid monitoring environment with Keysight's CloudLens platform — visibility for public, private and hybrid clouds

Visibility Intelligence

Vision Edge network packet brokers have our robust baseline NetStack capabilities including aggregation, replication, filtering and load balancing — all with three stages of filtering and our patented dynamic filter compiler. Vision Edge 10S also has PacketStack capabilities, including L2GRE tunnel origination and termination.


Robust filtering, aggregation, replication, and more, with 3 stages of filtering (ingress, dynamic, and egress) and dynamic filter compiler


Intelligent packet filtering, manipulation, and transport with deduplication, header (protocol) stripping, packet trimming, and burst protection


Optimized handling for secure traffic with active SSL, passive SSL decryption, threat insights and data masking


Context-aware, signature-based application layer filtering with application identification, geolocation and tagging, and optional RegEx filtering


Visibility intelligence tailored for the mobile carrier evolved packet core with GTP and SIP correlation and load balancing


Marked data feed monitoring with gap detection, feed and channel health, high-resolution traffic statistics, and microburst detection

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