Vision ONE

Vision ONE

All-in-one tool that provides high-performance, lossless visibility

Keysight Vision ONE


  • Easy-to-use web interface with point-and-click functionality
  • Built-in NetStack, PacketStack, AppStack, SecureStack, MobileStack features
  • Highly resilient, active-active inline and out-of-band capabilities
  • Max 64 10G ports / Max 4 40G ports
  • Simultaneous inline and out-of-band monitoring capabilities
  • Supports Keysight’s Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC)
  • 1 RU

New: Voice Over IP Monitoring on Vision One

As the demand for data, speed, quality, and voice services skyrockets, so does the demand put on your monitoring probes. Keysight's Voice Over IP (VoIP) monitoring, a part of MobileStack, on your Vision ONE system helps restore visibility into the traffic on your network while alleviating the stress on your probes. VoIP monitors both caller and callee phone numbers while whitelisting VIP customers and scaling with increasing traffic so that your probes receive the data they need at a capacity they can manage.


A Single Platform for a Granular View of Network Security and Troubleshooting


FIPS 140–2 Validated

Keysight Vision ONE and Vision 7300 packet brokers are FIPS 140–2 validated and are DoD UC APL Listed.

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Problem: The Fight Against Invisible Threats

What network managers cannot see, they cannot fight. Threats carefully hidden in encrypted traffic can easily bypass security controls and the watchful eye of IT teams. Application bandwidth explosions with the sudden and rapid expansion of a new or unknown application can go undetected until they threaten the availability and health of the network. There are ways to amplify these issues, but they often require a complicated mix of tools to gain complete visibility into all the traffic and applications on a network. And managing a myriad of security and performance monitoring solutions can compromise network performance.

Solution: Visibility Intelligence Strengthens Network Security and Optimizes Performance

Keysight Vision ONE™ is a turnkey device that enables organizations to maintain security as well as identify and resolve performance problems across physical and virtual infrastructures from a single platform. Whether fighting against threats hidden in encrypted traffic, or feeding the right data to the right forensic solution, Vision ONE boosts network protection without negatively impacting performance. Build a layered defense with a combination of best-of-breed inline security and out-of-band analysis tools, or create a strong foundation that helps you understand what is happening in an enterprise network. Either way, Vision ONE is a crucial step toward complete network security.

Aided by integrated AppStack capabilities, Keysight's Vision ONE network packet broker (NPB) enables you to filter and visualize not only Level 2–4 traffic, but also Layer 7 application traffic, so that suspicious applications can be tagged and watched. This provides security advantages as users can quickly spot rogue applications or unusual activity, including traffic or packets coming or going from unauthorized geographies, or questionable file transfer protocol (FTP) transfers conducted on sensitive data in the middle of the night.

This capability alone would have short-circuited some of the most notorious data breaches suffered by enterprises and agencies in the past three years.

The integrated AppStack capabilities also offers performance advantages as customers can view real-time application level traffic and metadata through a web application program interface (API), or it can be filtered, decrypted, and sent onto forensic or application monitors for further inspection.
Vision ONE is the most critical piece of network infrastructure you never realized you needed.

Visibility Intelligence

Stack up Keysight’s leading visibility intelligence features to optimize your traffic analysis and security tool performance. Used with a network packet broker, virtual or cloud platform, the extensive set of intelligent features allows you to modify, mold and transport traffic specific to tool needs. Moreover, we provide industry-specific, specialized capabilities. Each feature is executed with a purpose-built design to ensure you get the best performance whether in a physical data-center or in the cloud.


Robust filtering, aggregation, replication, and more, with 3 stages of filtering (ingress, dynamic, and egress) and dynamic filter compiler


Intelligent packet filtering, manipulation, and transport with deduplication, header (protocol) stripping, packet trimming, and burst protection


Optimized handling for secure traffic with active SSL, passive SSL decryption, threat insights and data masking


Context-aware, signature-based application layer filtering with application identification, geolocation and tagging, and optional RegEx filtering


Visibility intelligence tailored for the mobile carrier evolved packet core with GTP and SIP correlation and load balancing


Marked data feed monitoring with gap detection, feed and channel health, high-resolution traffic statistics, and microburst detection

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