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Network & Application Performance Monitoring

NMSaaS Network Monitoring - Free 30 Day TrialNMSaaS has a highly advanced Service Level Management (SLM) and reporting system for networks, servers, and applications. This gives network operators the flexibility they need to collect and report KPIs crucial to business and their customers. The software suite runs 24/7, and thereby identifies and documents the IT infrastructure performance and particular events on a real-time basis. InfoSite runs historical reporting to classify and pinpoint long-term trends effectively.

  • Understand the quality of service provided to end users
  • Increase your revenue by cutting outages directly affecting your business operations
  • Ensure your customers responsive and direct service availability and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Perform proactive planning to meet future business requirements, including workload volumes and necessary service level requirements
  • Increase your ROI and IT assets by being able to balance workloads fully and obtain the highest level of component utilization while still meeting service level requirements
  • Reduce and/or eliminate penalties associated with contractual commitments to meet specified service levels

NMSaaS IT Monitoring

NMSaaS is equipped with a highly flexible reporting engine and an integrated graphical report designer. The report designer supports PDF and HTML, and allows fully customizable reporting to best meet specific requirements in simple point and click fashion. You may publish your reports on a schedule or on demand.

SLA Reports

SLA reports document the network operation delivery against contractual obligations. In most cases, they are not as detailed as performance reports. They are designed to only show performance at service layer; lower layer information such as the underlying transport network, is actually not part of their concept.

Usage Reports

Usage reports show utilization volume and throughput with baselines, top N, and trends. Users may understand peak and off-peak loads better by going beyond monthly totals to provide time lines. This helps to size the network correctly to meet actual demands.

QoS Reports

QoS reports help understand performance and usage per Class of Service (CoS). This is crucial to converged networks. In addition, QoS reports include information vital for correct classification. You can use them to fine-tune application traffic for best performance results.

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