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External Checking

NMSaaS Network Monitoring - Free 30 Day TrialOne of the best benefits of using a cloud based solution for network management is that you can leverage the global distributed nature of the NMSaaS cloud infrastructure to perform external checking of your publicly facing systems and applications.

NMSaaS offers external checks for availability, as well as performance. We can do this from our global list of 9 datacenters (below): or any other test points that you may desire.

  • Oregon
  • Northern California
  • Virginia
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Japan

From any of these datacenters, NMSaaS can perform the following tests to your public resources such as Websites, public IP’s of firewalls, VPN systems, other cloud based service and more:

  • ICMP Availability
  • TCP Connects
  • URL Downloads
  • Multimedia (VoIP and Video) tests (from external agent to internal agent)
  • Customized application tests

By utilizing this service, you will now have live actionable performance and fault information regarding any service on interface that should be publicly available. You can also see at a glance if these services/applications are underperforming or unavailable from a certain region of the world thereby quickly identifying “hot spots” that may require immediate attention.

By combining our external checking service with our “traditional” network monitoring, your organization can now see the “whole picture” as far as your IT systems are concerned and you can quickly see what need attention both inside your network as well as from an outside point of view.

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