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Generating Traffic for WLAN Testing

Goal: Setup and run Wireless LAN traffic using the LANforge CT521.

In this test scenario, the LANforge CT521 is used to simulate 4 virtual wireless stations that associate with a third party access point. Three traffic tests will be configured and run to demonstrate possible wireless access point tests.


Candela Wifi Lan Testing Candela Wifi Lan Testing



1. Create the virtual wireless stations.
Note: All of its virtual stations will use the same wireless AP in this example, but each station may be configured for a different AP as long as all stations on the same radio use APs on the same channel.

A. Go to the Port Manager

Candela Wifi LANforge Manager

B. Select port wiphy0 and click Create

Candela Wifi LANforge Create VLAN's

C. Select the Wifi STA button, then enter MAC, Quantity, STA ID, and SSID. Select the DHCP-IPv4 checkbox:

Candela Wifi LANforge Create VLAN's

a. In this example, all 4 virtual stations will connect to the same access point
b. If your access point can serve DHCP, you can select the 'DHCP-IPv4' checkbox here to enable each virtual station as a DHCP client
c. If you choose to enter IP addresses manually, the create function will increment the last octet of the IP address for each virtual station created
d. Click Apply when finished

D. Verify that the virtual wireless stations are created

Candela Wifi LANforge Manager

E. Scroll to the right to view each station's link quality and other interface details

Candela Wifi LANforge Manager

2. Create Layer-3 connections between the station interfaces.

A. Go to the Layer-3 tab and click Create

Candela Wifi LANforge Manager

B. Create a station-to-station UDP speed test:

Candela Wifi LANforge Create/Modify

a. Test 1: sta0-sta1, UDP, 100Mbps ↔ 56Kbps

C. Create a station-to-station TCP speed test:

Candela Wifi LANforge Create/Modify

a. Test 1: sta0-sta1, TCP, 1.54Mbps bi-directional traffic

3. Run traffic tests concurrently, and view results.

A. The AP in this example has a weak signal strength, so it can do only about 35Mbps total throughput. The round-trip-time (RTT) is reasonable, and there is very little packet loss.

Candela Wifi LANforge Manager

B. The Layer-3 Endpoints tab has more detail.

Candela Wifi LANforge Dynamic Reports 

C. Select the cross-connects or endpoints and Right-Click → Dynamic Report on the L3 Endp or Layer-3 table to view a live report of the connections.

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