Cloud by definition, tend to obscure things. As companies continue to move business-critical applications to the cloud, you may lose visibility into cloud traffic. A recent survey of cloud operations professionals revealed:

  • 87 percent feared the cloud was obscuring security threats
  • 95 percent believed the cloud delayed the identification and resolution of performance issues

You can maintain crystal clear visibility with the CloudLens platform. CloudLens gives you a framework for eliminating blind spots delivering granular access to data across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.
Scale visibility to meet the elastic demands of cloud networks:

Public Clouds:

Experience Complete Packet-Level Visibility into Your Public Cloud Environments with CloudLens SaaS.

While public clouds offer increased elasticity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, it is easy to forget that security is a shared responsibility between you and your cloud service provider. Without packet-level cloud visibility, your tools are powerless to prevent performance problems or secure vulnerable blind spots.

When visibility matters most, CloudLens SaaS gives you complete access to packet data in your public cloud. Moreover, it is compatible with all major service providers, so you can rest easy knowing your tools have the data they need to protect your cloud.

Private Clouds:

Get Maximum Flexibility for Private Cloud Monitoring with CloudLens Self-Hosted or CloudLens SaaS

Private clouds give your users faster access to applications and services. But a lack of access to inter-VM traffic risks hampering your security, APM, and NPM tools with vulnerable blind spots.

No matter your hypervisor, CloudLens gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to monitoring your private cloud. Choose either CloudLens SaaS for pay-as-you-go versatility or CloudLens Self-Hosted, which gives you a perpetually licensed solution deployed in your own data center.

Hybrid Cloud:

Monitor Traffic Across Your Hybrid Cloud with CloudLens SaaS

Both public and private clouds have their merits. That's why many organizations utilize both. These hybrid cloud implementations maximize versatility; however many solutions cannot capture packets in both public and private clouds without complex and costly workarounds.

Hybrid clouds demand a seamless, stress-free visibility solution. With CloudLens SaaS, you can access crucial packet data without the headaches. Compatible with most major public, and private clouds, its easy-to-use management platform simplifies packet capture and saves valuable time.