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Cloud-based visbility platform for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments
CloudLens SaaS

AWS. Hyper V. Google Cloud. KVM. Azure. Vmware. Alibaba. Openstack. See Into Any Cloud.

Public, private, and hybrid clouds offer varying combinations of agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. However, you cannot secure what you cannot see. Without packet-level cloud visibility, your tools are flying blind — powerless to prevent potential performance problems or protect vulnerable blind spots.

Network security and performance are too critical to be left to chance. That's why organizations worldwide trust CloudLens SaaS to secure their clouds by feeding their monitoring tools with timely, actionable traffic data. With an auto-scaling, cloud-native design and turnkey compatibility with leading security, application performance management (APM), and network performance management (NPM) tools, you can rest easy knowing your cloud is in the right hands.

Cloud-Native Visibility, From The Ground Up

Cloud Agnostic

multicloud2 750Nothing is worse than needing different tools to capture packets in your different cloud environments. That's why we built CloudLens SaaS as the first service provider-agnostic visibility platform. So, whether you are using a public cloud, a private cloud, a mix of the two, or something else (like Windows or Linux environments), you can access the packet data your tools need.

With CloudLens, you can pull traffic directly from your virtual machines (VMs), filter it in the cloud, and then send it directly to your data center or cloud-based security and monitoring tools. Boasting a simplified user interface, CloudLens makes management and configuration easy for network administrators. With CloudLens, mitigating errors is simple — ensuring that your tools always have the visibility they need.

Elastic Scale On Demand

elasticscale2Capturing cloud traffic is not easy. Without the ability to horizontally scale as instances are created, many cloud visibility solutions fall short. A cloud-native platform, CloudLens SaaS is uniquely equipped to withstand the rigors of enterprise-level cloud environments — boasting elastic auto-scaling and tested to thousands of instances.

Utilizing metadata, CloudLens automatically classifies new instances in your cloud environment(s) before appropriately filtering and routing them to your security and monitoring tools. With a robust ecosystem of tool partners, you can rest assured your security and monitoring tools will work as intended.

Cost-Effective Cloud Visibility

Subscription BasedControlling costs is not just a primary driver for public cloud adoption but a critical component of your cloud monitoring strategy. Bandwidth is money, and eliminating guesswork is a considerable concern. Like the elasticity of your cloud environments themselves, your software-as-a-service solution should let you pay as you go.

When you need maximum flexibility, CloudLens SaaS offers convenience without the complexity of a data center deployment. No matter the size of your cloud, you will always have the visibility you need — all in a convenient, web-based platform.

A Cloud-Native, Serverless Design

clsaas5 pt2Unlike other cloud visibility solutions, CloudLens SaaS is a completely cloud-based platform. At its core, it is an implicit microservices architecture orchestrated via APIs. This serverless design enables CloudLens to auto-scale on demand — eliminating the need for complex and costly data backhauls that bottleneck performance and drive up the cost of other visibility solutions.

CloudLens SaaS comprises two core components:

  • A SaaS visibility management platform. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure visibility and define filtering.
  • Sensors and connectors that sit within your source and tool instances, respectively. Available in Docker-container or agent-based versions, these tools enable CloudLens to access critical metadata and traffic information in any cloud environment.

Cloud Visibility Ecosystem

Cloud Visibility Ecosystem DiagramOur cloud visibility ecosystem makes it easy to get up and running quickly. Our certified technology partners are pre-validated to receive data directly from CloudLens in the cloud. Turnkey compatibility with leading security and performance monitoring tools prevents complex workarounds and saves money by avoiding costly data backhauls.

This day-one compatibility makes it easy for everyone in your organization to feed the packet-based tools they need to support business. Included are the data loss prevention (DLP) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) that your security and compliance teams rely on, as well as the performance monitoring and analysis tools that your application owners and DevOps teams need. You can rest easy knowing the right tools are getting the right data at the right time.

Containers And Kubernetes: Visibility Through CloudLens


CloudLens is the first and only solution to deliver packet visibility into containers and Kubernetes clusters across cloud platforms, including AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Discover how to maximize your APM, NPM, and security tools by establishing packet visibility into your workloads in container-based environments and Kubernetes clusters!

How Cloudlens Works


Using CloudLens is easy. The first step is to load sensors on the source instances where you need packet visibility. With the cloud visibility ecosystem, security and monitoring tool instances (where the packets need to be delivered) are already set up with connectors to receive data from your sensors.

The sensors capture, filter, and deliver packet data to your tools — along with sending metadata information (for example, cloud service provider, region, availability zone, kernel module, CPU, and memory) to the CloudLens SaaS management platform. For maximum flexibility, you can also route your data to physical tools or a network packet broker through a CloudLens virtual packet processor (VM).

Create A Project

With your sensors set up, you need to provide context so the management platform knows where source and tool instances reside. Otherwise, you cannot enable packet visibility from the source to tool instances. In the management platform, simply create a "project” and use the auto-generated project key to associate the sensors and connectors running in the source and tool instances.


A natural classification system, CloudLens' SaaS management platform enables you to create source and tool groups based on metadata captured from sensors and connectors or according to your own business objectives.

This example shows “Application Instances” grouped together as “Source Group 1” and “Web Servers” grouped together as “Source Group 2.”


After creating groups, you need to establish the relationship of source and tool instances. Simply drag and drop a connection in the management platform to create a data path. This enables you to forward packet data from source instances to tool instances through a secure peer-to-peer VPN tunnel.


Some of your tools do not need all of your data. In the case of your security tools, too much noise can lead to false positives and diminished performance. So once you have established your source and tool relationships, you can create packet filters to ensure that your tools are receiving only relevant packet data.


Congratulations! Your work here is done. Sit back with the peace of mind that you can now monitor packet data across all of your clouds.

Cloud Visibility Has Never Been Easier To Manage

Many Cloud

Few things are worse than a great platform ruined by a clunky user interface. That's why we built CloudLens with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to understand network data flow. By cutting the complexity, you get to spend more time using CloudLens — and less time fiddling with it.

Cloud Visibility Ecosystem

Keysight works with leading security, APM and NPM tool providers, including open source providers, to pre-validate CloudLens compatibility directly from cloud. The tools of the cloud visibility ecosystem providers operate directly with CloudLens, without requiring data backhaul to a VM or network packet broker. That provides a seamless experience and complete visibility into cloud environments.

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