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Network Security Monitoring

Preventing Successful Network Attacks

A network attack can lead to a security breach that can cost a company millions of dollars, as well as your reputation.  We have seen un-precedent spending on security tools like Next Generation Firewalls, IPS, IDS, DLP, WAF etc. to prevent these attacks, but they still keep happening.

Telnet Networks has partnered with key industry leaders to develop four key components of developing a strong security posture which includes network visibility, reducing your attack surface, preventing known threats and stopping the unknown threats on the network.

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Network Visibility

Any network security solution is only as good as the quality of the data feeding the tools. A Visibility Architecture delivers an end-to-end infrastructure which enables  your application and security tools to see data from the physical and virtual network.

A Visibility architecture includes designing the access layer with network taps to mirror all the traffic to the Network packet brokers (NPBs).  These are essential for both inline and out-of-band solutions because they can parse the requisite data needed and distribute that data to one or more security tools. Once the network packet brokers are installed, it makes it much easier for the security tools to analyze data for various threats.

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Reduce your Attack Surface Using Threat Intelligence Gateway

There are two types of traffic that hit your network, traffic that is worth analyzing and traffic that we waste our time analyzing.

The traffic worth analyzing is the traffic of possible interest, but the traffic that is known malicious, hijacked, unregistered IPs and unwanted regions can be removed reducing the traffic volume to your security tools.  Using a Threat Intelligence Gateway allows your security tools to focus on the known traffic.    

Network Security

Prevent Known Threats

These are your perimeter defenses like Firewalls, IPS, IDS.  They can be very efficient at blocking the known threats.  These tools act as a barrier or a shield between you and cyber space.

Your firewall will sit inline and establish whether the packets meet the rules that have been set up.   Based on these rules, packets of data are accepted, or rejected.  This way hackers cannot get inside and steal information.   As traffic continues to rise these devices become overloaded and have to be upgraded, using technology like a Threat Intelligence Gateway can reduce the traffic that hits the firewall, saving you upgrade cost

Hackers have been able to breach these perimeter defenses by starting their attack from within the enterprise using E-mail and Website to gain access,  these are the unknow threats in your network.

Network Security prevent threat

Preventing the Unknown Threats

The average time an attacker is in the network before discovery is 150 days, and 84% of these breaches are discovered by an external entity.  You need a solution that gives you situational awareness across your entire IT environment, allowing you to answer the question “am I under attack”

A real-time attack detection system is a pro-active security platform to continuously monitor systems giving you the situational awareness to detect hacker actions and intentions as they attempt to prepare their data heist. This gives businesses the opportunity to cut hack attacks off long before hackers have the chance to carry off your corporate data.


Complete security is now about a layered approach ensuring that you are seeing all the data from your physical and virtual world, reducing the know bad traffic that hits your perimeter defenses and then hunting for hackers that have made it through

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