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Network Security Monitoring

Preventing Successful Network Attacks

A network attack can lead to a security breach that can cost a company millions of dollars as well as your reputation.  We have seen un-precedent spending on security tools like Next Generation Firewalls, IPS, IDS, DLP, WAF etc to prevent these attacks, but they keep happening!

Telnet Networks has partnered with key industry leaders to enhance and ensure your existing security tools are seeing all the data it needs and that these tools are working efficiently.  Looking at network visibility, Bypass Switch TAP, threat intelligence gateway, breach and attack simulation and preventing unknown threats will enhance your security tools that are preventing known threats from entering the network. 

Network Visibility

Network VisibilityAny network security solution is only as good as the quality of the data it is receiving. A Visibility Architecture delivers an end-to-end infrastructure which enables physical and virtual network, application, and security visibility.  Network packet brokers (NPBs) are central to both inline and out-of-band solutions because they can parse the requisite data needed and distribute that data to one or more security tools. Once the network packet brokers are installed, it makes it much easier for the security tools to analyze data for various threats.

ByPass Switch Tap

Bypass SwitchWhen you deploy inline security tools you create a line of defense, but these tools can also result in single points of failure. In the event that your inline tool becomes unavailable due to a failure, reboot or maintenance it can bring down the network link, compromising network uptime and business continuity.

A Bypass Tap is designed to avoid the "single point of failure". The bypass switch is deployed between the network devices and in front of the security tool such as your IPS or next generation firewall. In the event that an active tool fails, either due to a hardware malfunction, power loss, or software problem, a Bypass TAP will keep the link flowing, while a redundant path can be activated. This way it acts as a fail-safe link point of access, for inline network monitoring.

Reduce your Attack Surface using a Threat Intelligence Gateway

Reduce Attack Surface Threat Intelligence GatewayThere are two types of traffic that your security tools need to analyze, traffic that we need to analyze and other traffic that is a waste of time like known malicious, hijacked, unregistered IPs and unwanted regions.

This traffic can be removed reducing the traffic volume to your security tools.  Using a Threat Intelligence Gateway allows your security tools to focus on the traffic of interest.

Breach and Attack Simulation

Breach Attack SimulationBreach and attack simulation (BAS) technology pretends to be an attacker in order to test a network’s cyber defenses. As an automated tool you can run simulated attacks to measure the effectiveness of your company’s prevention, detection and mitigation capabilities. For example, the software might simulate a phishing attack on a company’s email systems, a cyberattack on the company’s web application firewall (WAF), attempted data exfiltration, lateral movement within networks or a malware attack on an endpoint.

Preventing the Unknown Threats

Preventing unknown threatsThe average time an attacker is in the network before discovery is 150 days, and 84% of these breaches are discovered by an external entity.  You need a solution that can give you situational awareness across your entire IT environment

Answering the question “am I under attack”.  Real-time attack detection is needed to continuously monitor and give you situational awareness to detect a hacker actions and intentions.  Using these tools allows you to cut hack attacks long before hackers have a chance to carry off your corporate data

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