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Network Visibility Architecture

Network Visibility What is It

Everything in IT transits the network, and our network is always evolving with increases in bandwidth, new architecture such as cloud or virtual environments and new applications and devices.

Business applications need to be “always up” so we continue to add monitoring and security tools to maintain this objective. Your tools need access to data from any point in the physical and virtual network, but as we continue to grow the network complexity we create blind spots where our tools may not see all the traffic which is key to answering the technical, security and business questions you have

The answer to this challenge is a scalable end-to-end Network Visibility architecture across both physical and virtual networks that eliminates these blind spots. A visibility layer allows you to intelligently connect all your data sources with the monitoring or security tools

 Components of your Visibility Architecture

Network Visibility Architecture

Access Layer - The access layer allows you to get data from all your network points to your monitoring tools. A test access point (tap) is a hardware device permanently installed in-line to mirror all the traffic that is passing between network nodes

Virtual Visibility - virtual networks opens a blind spot as you try to support applications that are hosted in geographically multi-tenant virtualized environments. In the event of a network problem it becomes challenging to access the data throughout the service delivery path. To gain access to this east-west traffic you can make use of a virtual tap to expose this traffic and export it out to your existing monitoring tools

Packet Brokers - Network Packet Broker (NPB) is a device that allows you to take the packets from the access layer, virtual layer and optimize the network traffic through aggregation, filtering, load balance, de-duplication from one or many network links to your monitoring or security tools. 


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