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Monitoring Your Virtual Network

Do You Have The Visibility Into Your Virtual Traffic

Virtualization is one of the most influential trends in networking, both lowering hardware costs and enabling efficient use of network resources. Today, more than 80 percent of data center traffic travels between servers, making total visibility critical to network security and performance. Unfortunately, virtualization presents a major challenge in the form of blind spots that can lay a network open to intrusion, error, and compliance issues, as well as putting SLAs at risk.

Traffic between virtual servers residing on the same hypervisor (Inter-VM or “east-west” traffic) is managed by virtual switching internal to the hypervisor. This traffic is switched locally and never gets out to monitoring tools, creating a “blind spot” or “black hole.”

This blind spot renders monitoring tools incapable of providing a comprehensive, raw view of traffic because they cannot see the internal communications layer within the hypervisor. The blind spot is a pitfall, leaving your network vulnerable.

Now, Keysight’s Virtual Visibility Framework using our virtual tap eliminates blind spots with a simple, scalable and non-disruptive approach. All east-west traffic is now visible to your monitoring tools prior to failure or error, keeping the network secure and audit-ready for compliance. You can continue to use existing monitoring tools for virtualization implementations without investing in costly new specialized virtual tools—saving time and upgrade costs.

The tool-agnostic Keysight solution is v-switch certified and integrates with all best-of-breed hypervisors. It reinforces and extends tool value, requiring no changes and creating no single point of failure. Management is simple and intuitive via a “single pane of glass.”

The Keysight Virtual Visibility Framework has all you need for total visibility. You can deliver on SLAs, meet key performance indicators, and provide best-in-class customer service.

Find out how Keysight’s Virtual Tap can allow you to see all your virtual traffic and create a visibility framework allowing you to see all your network traffic. 

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