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Infosim StableNet Network Monitoring Software

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Viavi Solutions - Observer Platform

Automated Network Discovery and Mapping

Create Network Topology Diagram and Discovery of your LAN or WAN infrastructure.

Reasons for Understanding your Network Topology

  • Provide InSight into routing dynamics
  • Allows you to visualize the network to understand the relationships
  • Know what has changed on the network
  • Quickly reduce the area for fault detection
  • Reduce time and effort when it comes time for Network expansion
  • Confirm only known managed devices are connected to the network

Four Simple Guidelines for network documentation

Network Topology- Relevance, Easy, Current, Safe

Relevance – Avoid the temptation of capturing everything, if you collect too much information then it will not get updated, and then it becomes obsolete.

Easy – Use the KISS approach and make is simple. Using an automated system allows you to easily update the network diagram and keep your inventory up to date.

Current – By automating the process we enusre the information is current so when you access the information it is up to date

Safe - This information now contains device passwords, SNMP community strings, so access control is important, so that it is available to the right person when the need arisesThis information now contains device passwords, SNMP community strings, so access control is important, so that it is available to the right person when the need arises

Featured Products – Visualize your Network

Spend less time documenting your IT network and more time managing it:

If you spend time trying to validate network connectivity and your hand-built network diagram is out of date then it is time to look at an automated solution that allows you to keep your inventory up to date and manage the network more effectively.

Infosim Stablenet Discovery EngineInfosim StableNet Network Change and Configuration Management

Auto-discovery of all the network infrastructure assets using different discovery mechanisms to ensure a complete inventory of the Network. Infosim Captures full device information including chassis, card/slot, daughter card, serial and part numbers, power supply and environmental information.

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NMSaaS Network Discovery Software

Accurate inventory is essential to any IT department. However, keeping up with inventory manually is a hassle. One single, trusted repository is a vital asset to accurate inventory management.

NMSaaS has discovery capabilities with powerful and flexible tools allowing you to determine what exactly is subject to monitoring. These elements are automatically labeled and grouped. This makes automatic data collection possible, as well as threshold monitoring and reporting on already discovered elements.

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Viavi Solutions Observer Infrastructure

Observer Infrastructure can automatically create a network during the discovery. It uses its advanced intelligence to construct comprehensive maps of your entire network, systems, and applications. The nesting function allows multiple items to be represented within a single icon.

  • See what devices are connected to the network, and how they are connected
  • Obtain graphical and table-based display of a network, network segment, or remote locations on the WAN
  • Monitor response time and performance of devices anywhere on the network

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