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Candela - LANforge FIRE & ICE 5.3.8 has been Released

Release 5.3.8 adds REST automation API support, improved wave-2 WiFi performance and stability, an improved RF RADAR generator and more. See the Release Notes for more details. Click here for more releases.  New Features & Improvements Release 5.3.8 (November 13, 2018) ​ Support Virtual Router Function (VRF) in kernel 4.16 and higher....

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Candela Releases LANforge Version 5.3.6.

Candela Technologies has released 5.3.6 for its LANforge Fire and ICE. LANforge-FIRE generates stateful network traffic at various speeds with the ability to monitor packets for throughput and correctness. LANforge-FIRE sits on the edge of your network and tests your network core. LANforge-ICE emulates networks by connecting virtual route...

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Remote Location Testing? Transmit WiFi Traffic at a Remote Site for 12 Hours with LANforge WiFIRE

CT523-328-2ac-1n-bat LANforge WiFIRE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 3 radio WiFi Traffic Generator (with Battery) Supporting 328 Virtual STA Interfaces The CT523-328-2ac-1n-bat wireless traffic generator is an excellent choice for testing Access Points and other WiFi networks. The CT523-328-2ac-1n-bat uses a modified Wireless driver for WiFi NICs based on the Atheros chipset. The ath9k (a/b/g/n) chipset NICs can support up to 200 stations per radio. The ath10k (a/b/g/n/ac) chipset NICs can support up to 64 st...

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Candela Tech Releases LANforge 5.3.2!

Release 5.3.2 includes improved 'AUTO' configuration options for Layer-3 traffic and Wifi-Capacity plugin. Some initial HotSpot 2.0-R2 support. Improved 802.11 AC stability and features. Do better job of cleaning up stuck NFS mounts. Support 4.0.4 kernel and Fedora-21 to support the latest hardware and OS features. This release provides Linux 4.0 kernel support, HotSpot 2.0-r2 authentication, and improves 802.11AC support. Release 5.3.2 (July 31, 2015) New Features & Improvements Layer-3: Su...

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Candela LANforge 5.3.1 Released

New Features & Improvements Improved association times on the ath10k 802.11AC NIC * Improved stability of 802.11AC (ath10k) driver * Support for 802.11w on virtual APs. * Improved scripting for wifi captive portal testing. ...and over 25 more improvements, too Download Release Notes here Thanks to Candela for the article.   

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Release Notes for LANforge FIRE & ICE 5.2.13

New Features & Improvements: WiFi: Enforce licensing for 802.11AC NICs. LANforge will now only allow WiFi stations to be used if there is an 80211AC license key for the wiphy device. Customers that have previously purchased 802.11AC should request a new license from their sales contact before upgrading to LANforge 5.2.13. There will be no charge for the new key in this case. Improve Layer-3 UDP performance, especially with smaller packets. Testing shows about double the number of packet...

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