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Layers of Defense:Resilient PNT Cybersecurity

For a resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solution you need to build layers of defense, which includes physical security to RF security, network security, application security and ongoing maintenance/support.. How Orolia Provides Resilient PNT Cybersecurity  Physical Security The simplest Denial of Service attack is to merely di...

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Accurate Time improves Network Security

Time over the network

In today's modern network infrastructure, millions of dollars are spent to ensure that networks are reliable, highly available, and most of all, secure! Cybersecurity has emerged as the critical area in all facets of the internet, yet still, there are often-overlooked areas which can degrade security measures meant to protect. One such example is t...

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The Inside Scoop on GPS Spoofing


By Tyler Hohman, Director of Products, Orolia Defense & Security Most in our industry are aware of the threat that GPS interference poses, both in the US and overseas. GPS jamming is commonplace. Spoofing, however, is different than jamming in that it can be utilized in a far more devious manner. Both jamming and spoofing have a common goal – t...

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Cybersecurity Checklist for Secure Timing

​Network cybersecurity is top of mind these days for both government agencies and commercial enterprise. As the heart of network synchronization, time and frequency systems should include a standard suite of security features that give network administrators confidence in the cybersecurity protocols of their time servers. This is our philosophy at ...

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Spectracom - Latest SecureSync and Netclock 9400 Update Files

Update Files for SecureSync/NetClock 9400 to version 5.8.6 The following files, corresponding to version 5.8.6, are available for download here: the software update file, the update instructions for SecureSync, update instructions for NetClock 9400, release notes for SecureSync and release notes for NetClock 9400. If you have been instructed to "cl...

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How to Protect Your NTP Server from Cyberattacks

​Network experts already know that distributing the correct time is key to maintaining their critical infrastructure programs. However, keeping accurate time is also fundamental to many cybersecurity applications. Certificates have an expiration date attached to them, and system logs frequently contain time stamps that operators rely on for diagnos...

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Orolia Case Study - Banking on BroadShield

​Why This Case Study is Relevant It demonstrates the importance of installing anti-jam and anti-spoofing software. Background  ​A major international financial services provider was experiencing issues in their lab environment with its GNSS-based timing systems. GNSS reception was being intermittently lost and the customer didn't know why. Rat...

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Webinar - Orolia GPS/GNSS Spoofing & Jamming: Threats and Countermeasures

When: Thursday, September 12, 2019  ​At: 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time Join John Fischer, Omer Sharar, and John Pottle as they describe common threats rot GPS/GNSS signals as well as solutions to detect and mitigate interference such as jamming and spoofing for critical systems. You'll hear from industry experts who will present commercial and...

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Orolia - Tech Brief Resiliency in PNT: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the watchword of the day, but what does it mean for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)? For many, the ability to hack or spoof a GPS/GNSS signal is a cybersecurity issue. At Orolia, we agree, which is why we have a wide array of products to augment, toughen and protect against GNSS vulnerabilities. However, the other aspect i...

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Orolia Product Notification for SecureSync and NetClock 9400

​Orolia would like to take this opportunity to inform our customers of a Preventative Maintenance Action (PMA) to your SecureSync 1200 and NetClock 9400 appliances. This PMA is being executed to prevent unexpected failures caused by flash memory corruption within these appliances. Our SecureSync 1200 and NetClock 9400 line of products have an inter...

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The Traceability of Time Synchronization: Why Internet Time Isn’t Good Enough

In today's modern networking infrastructure, great care is taken to ensure that networks are reliable, highly available and most of all, secure. Cybersecurity has emerged as a critical area in all facets of the internet. It's an area that companies spend millions on each year. Yet still, there are often-overlooked areas that degrade security. One e...

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Synchronizing Time Using Presentense

PresenTense offers you an alternative to the limited functionality of synchronizing with Microsoft W32Time program. PresenTense, will not only synchronize all of the Windows PCs on the network, but also provides alert notification and a audit trail which is  not available from the Microsoft W32Time (Windows Time Service). PresenTense Client an...

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How Resilient PNT is Used in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a hot topic today. Hackers are always looking to undermine our network connections and we are always trying to protect against them.  I'm no cybersecurity expert, but I am often asked, "Can Resilient PNT be used to improve cybersecurity?" Resoundingly, "YES"  Here are a few simple examples:  1. Passwords - Most secur...

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FAQ: Is Spectracom’s New Anti-Jam Antenna Right for Me?

Spectracom has introduced a new Anti-Jam (AJ) antenna for its GNSS-based timing systems that combats interference by limiting the antenna's reception near the horizon. The ante​nna's beam is focused at the zenith – where most of the GNSS satellites are – and away from the horizon, where most interference comes from. Q. So, should I use it in my sys...

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Big Data and Time: What’s the Connection?


Precision time can play a vital role in improving the operation and efficiency of Big Data systems. However, to understand why or how time can be utilized, the most important thing to understand is that – Big Data is Big! I know that may sound silly, but really, "big" is actually even an understatement. And that's the difficult part to grasp when t...

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Sapling's Wi-Fi Clocks

Sapling is proud to introduce our newest synchronized clock system - Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks. The Sapling Wi-Fi Clock System seamlessly interfaces with a facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, eliminating the need for a master clock and running wires between clocks. In addition, this new line offers versatile installation solutions and features.&nb...

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Customization Nation with Sapling Digital Clocks

No matter the product, everyone has different tastes and styles they prefer. Because of this, people really enjoy the ability to customize the items they purchase to meet these preferences. Giving customers the option to personalize their product or service has benefited many different companies in many different industries. Let’s take the shoe industry as an example. Nike has been wildly successful with the Nikeid option on their website. This option gives their patron the option to customize a...

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The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System

If you are considering a wired clock system for your facility, the 2-wired Digital Master Clock System option with Sapling may be the best option for you. Take a look at the unique advantages of this system below. In addition to the written description, check out our video at the bottom to see a visual depiction of how the 2-Wire Digital Clock System works. Power/Data on the Same Line Most wired clock systems require three or four wires. With Sapling’s 2-Wire Digital Communication System, the co...

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Unique Features of Sapling’s IP Clock System

Sapling’s IP Clock System is unlike your typical clock system. This synchronized clock system is powered by (PoE) or Power-over-Ethernet, receiving power and data through a CAT5 cable, there is no need for an additional outlet. This system allows for easy set up and operation for any user and has a number of unique features that make it stand out among the rest. One such feature is that each clock has its own built-in web interface. The web interface allows a user to adjust many different settin...

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Ready, Set, Go! Time Synchronization with Sapling Clocks

For high school students, the short break in between classes is no relaxing matter. They have only a few minutes to get from one classroom to the next. If a student needs to pick up their books for the next class and must stop at their locker, this makes the trip even more challenging. Those few minutes in between classes can get hectic with hundreds of students flooding the hallways sharing the common goal of reaching their next destination on time. Most students are even unaware of how much ti...

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