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A Better Way to Test the Functionality of Your IVR Application

If you have deployed or are about to deploy a hosted or premise-based IVR application, you understand how much time and money go into the design of a really effective application. It must offer easy to use self-service functionality to customers or users with a wide range of expectations, requirements and experiences with your company and its communications processes. The design must balance the need to make opting out to an agent simple while still making it easy and desirable for customers to ...

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So, What is the Customer Perspective of your Contact Centre

Enterprise contact centers are becoming extremely complex, using technology from multiple vendors to meet specific customer requirements. Today, clients are using new media types such as smart phones and tablets to reach out so you need to explore new technologies such as cloud services to consolidate and improve your delivery. Why Test the Customer Quality of Experience? When you change or deploy new technology you need to understand the caller’s perspective, from the greeting through to the ag...

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5% of Your Customer Interactions are Failing!

During a typical month we generate between 500,000 to 600,000 HeartBeat calls, and of these anywhere from 4% to 6% of these calls we encounter availability or performance issue. So, we classified these issues to see where they were coming from: ​40% - Issue with answer – busy, ring-no-answer, silence or click40% - Caller-requested information unava...

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90 Seconds to Lose a Customer

 A major issue with moving to e-contact centre is to make everything work together. As you purchased multiple best in class single solutions as you put this together you may not end up with a best in class total solution.  Another issue is turning unstructured data, comments from social media platforms – into actionable outcomes...

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The Age of the Customer

  According to Forrester Research, Customer Experience (CX) is the number one priority for business and technology leaders*.  This eBook was developed to assist organizations in their quest to deliver a better customer experience.   Where the challenge of delivering an omni-channel service, in a multi-channel world, has never been more complex.  We look at these 5 areas What is the age of the customer?Enter the e-contact center.Achieving a 360° customer view.Four keys to...

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Contact Centre Monitoring Matters

Because what you don't record can hurt you Making sure your call centre monitoring solution is working properly is an ongoing challenge. Whether it's legal, healthcare, or financial services, large organizations need recordings to satisfy compliance requirements and to resolve legal disputes with customers. Financial institutions, which I'll focus on for the sake of this blog post, greatly depend on having all interactions recorded accurately and stored in an easily accessible manner. Contracts ...

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How Testing Solutions Reduce Risk & Improve Customer Satisfaction

Imagine you're trying to book a flight. You call the toll-free number and use the interactive voice response (IVR) to get through to bookings, but instead you are put through to the baggage area. You hang up and try again, but this time you wind up speaking to the airline lounge. Do you try a third time or call a competitor? I know what I would do. The IVR is now a key component to delivering a great customer experience, so what steps should a business take to ensure these systems are working op...

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5 Ways to Get Agents to Embrace Quality Monitoring

Few processes in the contact center are as contentious as quality monitoring. When not carefully explained and carried out with tact and sensitivity, monitoring smacks of spying. Cries of “Big Brother” and micromanagement are not uncommon in such environments, resulting in agent burnout, attrition, and poisonous darts being shot at QA staff. Several studies have revealed that call monitoring can cause significant stress and dissatisfaction among agents. In one study – conducted by Management Sci...

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Be Confident Your Contact Center Technology Delivers The Brand You Promise

Today, most B2C interactions involve some form of contact center technology. With the exception of in-store purchases, contact center technology is responsible for providing the vast majority of brand impressions that customers have through experiences with toll-free numbers, self-service IVR, and CTI screen pop—and that’s just one of the channels. There are also self-service websites, apps, social media scrapers, blended queuing processes, and more. SERVICE DELIVERED VS. SERVICE INTENDED VOC pr...

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Embracing Change in Contact Centres

Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Association Presents: Embracing Change in Contact Centres June 11, 2015: Kanata Recreation Complex100 Walter Baker Place, Ottawa1:30 to 4:00 pm People naturally resist change. In this Change Management session hosted by ORCCA, you will discover that there are predictable reactions to change and that resistance can be reduced if it is identified and addressed before it sets in. How can your team embrace the changes required to improve? Managers and frontline staff m...

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Elevating IVR: Stop the Hatred for Automation

IVR. In many customers’ minds, this three-letter acronym is a four-letter word. It’s not uncommon for callers to mutter a diverse range of other forbidden words whenever interacting – or trying to interact – with a contact center’s IVR system. But IVR is not deserving of such hatred. IVR systems are not inherently flawed or evil, nor are the companies that use an IVR to front-end their contact centers. The reason why the general public’s perception of IVR is so negative is that so few of the sys...

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Quality Automation: 3 Ways to Make Self-Service Work for Customers

In the eyes of many customers, self-service is not a compound word but rather a four-letter one. It’s not that there’s anything inherently bad about IVR or web self-service applications – it’s that there’s something bad about most contact centers’ efforts to make such apps good. Relatively few contact centers extend their quality assurance (QA) practices to self-service applications. Most centers tend to monitor and evaluate only those contacts that involve an interaction with a live agent – i.e...

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IQ Services: Standing Out with Collaboration and Customer Service

Business is a fluid thing; the past 30 years have seen innovation after innovation and with it, a shift in culture. The 1980s saw a focus on quality products. The 1990s illustrated enterprises centered on branding. In the 2000s what differentiates companies? Customer Service. Customer service has climbed the list of priorities, and today one can see companies putting money where their mouths are by investing in a quality customer experience. Russ Zilles, CEO of IQ Services took some time to talk...

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Top Ten Things You Learn from IQ Services’ Outside-In Monitoring

Are carrier and toll-free services still correctly provisioned?Are cloud services working as expected?Are IVR and self-service applications up and running?Are host response times acceptable?Are speech recognition and TTS services available?Are failover/backup servers up and ready to take traffic?Did the right data pop on the agent’s desktop?Does call intelligibility degrade at certain times of day?Is your customer-facing technology performing 24 x7?Are customers having the issue-free technology ...

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Multichannel and Multimodal Contact Centres: How Do You Know It All works Together?

The convergence of voice, web, social media and video means that solution providers are coming up with exciting and sophisticated ways to allow users to take more control of their customer service experience. Customers want to decide how they communicate with your company, and how your company communicates with them. Two of the challenges facing contact centres today are “multichannel” and “multimodal” technologies. This article will explore these terms and introduce some ways to ensure that the...

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Using Virtual Customers® to Optimize Customer Service Experience

Providing Contact Centres with Reliable, End-to-End Performance Metrics Many people believe they are best served by real people, not by voice robots. That’s the rationale behind But the economics and utility of self-service as an alternative to live agent interactions are so compelling that self-service solutions are here to stay. Providing multiple touch-points is a huge technology investment. Technology is great, but you can’t just diligently manage the implementation process and...

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Testing IVR at the Top of the Stack: How and When to Stay on Top of the Caller Perspective

In the world of computing technology and communications solutions, the last twenty years have been one revolution after another. Faster processes, niftier appliances, smarter phones, and virtualized services are everywhere. Contact centers have grown from hunt groups and operator consoles to full-blown CRM solutions riding on top of evolving, complex technologies. Many of us are excited to use the new technologies because of three potentially significant benefits: generate cost savings facilitat...

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The Improving Image of IVR

Since Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems were first introduced as a customer service tool, there have been many detractors. However, a recent Forrester Consulting survey indicates that the tide has turned and customers have accepted IVR and, in some cases, even prefer it to live operators. Speech-enabled self-service IVRs have become so commonplace that many consumers report that they prefer to use such systems for simple tasks such as checking account balances, flight statuses or shipment...

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Is It Time To Consider Changing Your Contact Center Telephony Platform? Consider This:

Whether in the product business, or in services, a company’s brand image is shaped by how customers feel about interacting with the company. The impression they take away from a call to the business’s support or contact center has a lasting impact that can be either good or bad. Customer facing operations are crucial. As a business grows or undergoes other strategic changes, it may require updating its contact center operations as well. Signaling Change Arnab Mishra is Senior VP, Products and So...

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Optimize Customer Service Experience with IQ Services VC 101

Many people believe they are best served by real people, not by voice robots. That’s the rationale behind But the economics and utility of self-service as an alternative to live agent interactions are so compelling that self-service solutions are here to stay. Providing multiple touchpoints is a huge technology investment. Technology is great, but you can’t just diligently manage the implementation process and then assume all is well with the customer service experience. Because no...

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