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Rogers launches Wireless Private Networks for large businesses

Canada's Rogers Communications, via its Rogers for Business division, has launched a managed solution for Wireless Private Networks (WPN) that provides large businesses with a dedicated on-site wireless network platform to securely connect devices, prioritise network traffic, control sensitive data, and run business applications. The scalable managed solution was developed with technology partners including Ericsson, Expeto and Cradlepoint, delivering high performance with low latency for industries including mining, oil and gas, utilities and manufacturing. For example, manufacturers can now connect more sensors, machines, and devices through a single private network, resulting in end-to-end visibility from product order through to shipment and delivery.

Rogers' press release adds that WPNs are a cost-effective solution for securely connecting employee devices and SIMs – from smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) to autonomous vehicles and robotics – and notes that while WPN can be deployed on any generation of mobile network technology, it sets the stage for businesses to adopt 5G technology and massively increases the number of devices that can be connected to a private network in real-time for applications such as autonomous mining.

Thanks to TeleGeography for this industry update.

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Saturday, 10 April 2021

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