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Spectracom - Latest SecureSync and Netclock 9400 Update Files

Update Files for SecureSync/NetClock 9400 to version 5.8.6

The following files, corresponding to version 5.8.6, are available for download here: the software update file, the update instructions for SecureSync, update instructions for NetClock 9400, release notes for SecureSync and release notes for NetClock 9400. If you have been instructed to "clean" before applying the update, click here to download the cleaner utility.

NOTE: If your system is licensed with the Interference Detection Suite option, this bundle does not contain the software for that option. Please contact our service team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information on how to update your system including the Interference Detection Suite option software.

Download SecureSync ReleaseNotes for SW_Ver5.8.6.pdf | 710 KB

MD5 Hash: a259fcad759e73ca3de175e5e24bb027
SHA-1 Hash: 6b60705974cbdbe1d9dfaa99706213ad558075db
SHA-256 Hash: 9217954979ec840d222fc4f1329d811c9a869d179fab3c0f2663d8acd4057f24

Download update586.tar.gz | 133.6 MB

MD5 Hash: a1a73e4f2569c2369a5a4407460d7fa7
SHA-1 Hash: 58b7c31e2347089a2b34c8887a48990e57fe4ed7
SHA-256 Hash: 0fd08d9922486cc3685badfb6a78c246f07555620a70c128b7aa692fea9ee009

Download NetClock_SW_UpgradeInstructions_SW_Ver5.8.6.pdf | 2 MB

MD5 Hash: 44e3b3554ee76b1243c92633b7b5bc77
SHA-1 Hash: a343ea5adb888a75f0e37ff742cd457d800e7447
SHA-256 Hash: fe034e1dad03bd6cf7e3d3d388cefff122a101baa7440bc07dc837c81d22e110

Download SecureSync_SW_UpgradeInstructions_SW_Ver5.8.6.pdf | 2 MB

MD5 Hash: 04794e27f9379b99f32fa0330f62d4b2
SHA-1 Hash: ebc73d8033387656f5578a129d1463d7fc651d0c
SHA-256 Hash: c79b47ea794f58d8cfa163b2d3978820e2ee1b21a526ba28f46a88a65c6f1430

Download NetClock ReleaseNotes for SW_Ver5.8.6.pdf | 704 KB

MD5 Hash: 529d608ee7c0cc9d70a1db89c844ccec
SHA-1 Hash: 80f1b7f0405fe7c453a603998a4d6fd449e2223a
SHA-256 Hash: cac4e002b8f526e5be49023a5fa9e22e4e5838baad9ee9316eb115e9333576c6
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