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Eastlink to begin 5G deployment this summer

Canadian cableco and mobile operator Eastlink has disclosed plans to begin 5G network deployment before the end of this summer, initially in the company's largest market of Halifax, Nova Scotia. TeleGeography notes that Eastlink – privately owned by the Bragg family – is participating in Canada's 3500MHz 5G licence auction, which is ongoing after b...

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Bell MTS expands Wireless Home Internet to rural Manitoban communities

Bell MTS – part of Bell Canada – has launched its Wireless Home Internet (WHI) service in Manitoba, bringing enhanced broadband access to eligible homes in twelve communities, with approximately 40,000 rural and remote premises planned for coverage by the end of 2021, as part of Bell's broader plan to eventually offer WHI to a million rural househo...

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Rogers claims 50% 5G population coverage; network reaches Nova Scotia

Rogers Communications has expanded its 5G mobile network to parts of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with further expansion to neighbouring communities expected soon. Rogers highlights that it remains the sole 5G network operator in the Atlantic Canada provinces, where its 5G services are also available in twelve communities across New Brunswick. Rogers also...

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Simple, Effective Solutions to Contain Network Costs

As networks grow more complex the cost to maintain them frequently increases as well. This isn't always necessary. Ensuring that all traffic on your network is processed efficiently is a simple — but effective — way to minimize cost. For example, some organizations purchase additional monitoring and security tools because the existing tools are ove...

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Bell, Telus 5G reaches Ottawa; Rogers claims 5G first in Saint John

The 5G mobile networks of Bell Canada and Telus are now live in the country's capital city Ottawa, reports A Bell spokesperson confirmed to the blog site that its 5G network officially went live in Ottawa on the morning of 3 June, while Bell and Telus utilise extensive bilateral network sharing including 5G. Bell Canada has also ...

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How to Dodge 6 Big Network Headaches

The proper network Management tools allows you to follow these 6 simple tips. This will help you stay ahead of network probelms, and if a problem does occurs you will have the data to be able to analyze the problem.   Troubleshoot sporadic issues with the right equipment  The most irksome issues are often sporadic and require IT teams to wait for the problem to reappear or spend hours recreating the issue. With retrospective network analysis (RNA) solutions, it's possible to elimi...

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TekSavvy cancels mobile ambitions, scales back investments after CRTC wholesale reversal

Canadian ISP TekSavvy has withdrawn from the country's 3.5GHz 5G mobile licence auction taking place later this month, due to the recent decision by the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to scrap the wholesale fixed internet access rate reductions proposed in 2019 and revert to higher rates set in 2016. As a resul...

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Bell reaches 35% 5G coverage, aims for 70% by year-end

Bell Canada announced that its 5G mobile network is now available to approximately 35% of the national population and is 'on track' to reach 'up to 70%' by the end of the year – significantly higher than a previously issued coverage target of around 50%. This week Bell and its vendor partners led by Ericsson and Nokia completed 5G expansion to 23 n...

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Mr Champagne uncorks 6GHz band to triple Canada's Wi-Fi spectrum

Francois-Philippe Champagne, Canada's Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, has announced the decision to open the 6GHz band, providing an additional 1,200MHz to triple the licence-exempt spectrum available for Wi-Fi with the aims of boosting competition, rural connectivity and the effective deployment of Wi-Fi and 5G technologies. Heraldin...

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Xplornet buys TowerCo’s tower assets in Manitoba

Rural-focused Canadian broadband provider Xplornet Communications has closed the acquisition of TowerCo's tower assets in Manitoba. Xplornet said the acquisition of more than 160 wireless communications towers located across rural Manitoba will support its infrastructure investment plans to accelerate the deployment of 5G-ready broadband networks a...

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Total Network Visibility with No Blind Spots

Network Visibility Architecture  - The Missing Ingredient for each of your teams Network Security Team Even with all the latest and cutting-edge technology we have in the network today, customer records continue to be stolen, and the worst of it some of these records will not even be detected as stolen. So this means that data is being stolen ...

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Rogers Q1 revenues climb 2%, driven by fixed broadband growth

Canadian fixed and mobile operator Rogers Communications' total revenue reached CAD3.488 billion (USD2.780 billion) in Q1 2021, up 2% from CAD3.416 billion reported in Q1 2020. Total service revenue dropped by 1% year-on-year to CAD3.021 billion, as Wireless division turnover fell slightly from CAD2.077 billion in 1Q20 to CAD2.074 billion in the la...

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Shaw quarterly revenues: mobile up 8.5%, fixed services down 0.8%

Canada's Shaw Communications reported a 1.8% year-on-year improvement in total revenues for its fiscal second quarter ending 28 February 2021, to CAD1.387 billion (USD1.106 billion), with a 6.2% EBITDA increase to CAD637 million and a 29.9% hike in three-month net profit to CAD217 million. During the quarter, the group added 82,300 net mobile subsc...

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Cogeco Connexion boosts quarterly revenues 10.1%

Canadian cableco Cogeco Connexion increased its revenues by 10.1% year-on-year to CAD355 million (USD282 million) in the three months ended 28 February 2021, as a result of the DERYtelecom acquisition completed in December 2020, the cumulative effect of sustained demand for residential high speed internet since the beginning of the pandemic, and ra...

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Videotron buys Cablovision Warwick

Quebec-based quadruple-play cableco Videotron has acquired smaller operator Cablovision Warwick and its network in the Centre-du-Quebec region. Videotron CEO Jean-Francois Pruneau declared: 'We plan to invest in Cablovision Warwick's existing infrastructure in order to offer residents and businesses in the towns they currently serve our state-of-th...

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How to Bypass 5 Major Security Risks

Businesses continue to invest in advanced security defenses like next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (NGFW and NGIPS), data loss prevention (DLP), and other inline tools. These tools can significantly strengthen security, but may also add complexity, operational cost, and even risk. Mitigate these and other challenges ...

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Rogers launches Wireless Private Networks for large businesses

Canada's Rogers Communications, via its Rogers for Business division, has launched a managed solution for Wireless Private Networks (WPN) that provides large businesses with a dedicated on-site wireless network platform to securely connect devices, prioritise network traffic, control sensitive data, and run business applications. The scalable manag...

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Canada gets public-funded connectivity rollouts galore

Rogers Communications has announced a five-year CAD300 million (USD240 million) public-private partnership with the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, and the Eastern Ontario Regional Network, to bring reliable wireless connectivity to 99% of Eastern Ontario's residents and businesses. Rogers will invest over CAD150 million in the proje...

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Packet Brokers: One Device, Five Benefits to IT

If the term Network Packet Broker (NPB) is not familiar, now is the time to get acquainted with this invaluable and frequently overlooked device. Think of NPBs as helpful middlemen that sort, distribute, and optimize the flow of network data going to your monitoring and security tools. By receiving only the data they need and eliminating irrelevant...

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Telus implements cloud automation, slicing tech with DZS

Canadian fixed and mobile operator Telus has selected DZS' Cloud End-to-End Orchestration & Automation (E2EO) solution, described as a carrier-grade, cloud native platform designed to simplify and automate the deployment of any network slice and any service on any cloud. The deployment of the DZS Cloud platform will deliver automated life cycle...

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