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Rogers’ service revenues climb 2% in Q3

Canada's Rogers Communications reported that its total revenue in the three months ended 30 September 2021 was flat year-on-year at CAD3.666 billion (USD2.970 billion), while quarterly service revenue climbed 2% y-o-y to CAD3.149 billion. 3Q21 EBITDA fell 2% y-o-y to CAD1.600 billion, and three-month net income dropped 4% to CAD490 million. Rogers ...

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Prevent Cybersecurity Blind Spots by Improving Network Visibility

By Geoff Perkins Cybersecurity and network visibility go hand in hand. Without a holistic, complete view of every packet that travels in and out of your company, even the best, most advanced security tools will fail to provide adequate protection. Unfortunately, network blind spots are all too common. As networks grow in both size and complexity, m...

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Rogers expanding 1.5Gbps FTTH in Ottawa, surrounding locations

Canadian fixed and mobile network operator Rogers Communications reported that it is investing over CAD188 million (USD152 million) to extend 1.5Gbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services to more than 24,000 additional homes and businesses in Ottawa and nearby eastern Ontario communities including Clarence-Rockland, North Grenville and Carleton Place. ...

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Discover the Benefits of a Zero-Loss Network Visibility Architecture

You've got massive volumes of data and traffic flowing in and out of your network, plus numerous applications to keep running. It's critical to your bottom line. That's why you can't settle for only partial visibility. Anything less than the full picture and you risk disastrous consequences that can increase costs, cause unexpected outages, delay t...

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Xplornet launches rural fixed-wireless 5G standalone network with Ericsson

Canadian rural-focused broadband provider Xplornet Communications has announced the launch of its fixed-wireless 5G standalone network, powered by the Ericsson Radio System. The rollout of 'Canada's first rural 5G standalone network with fixed-wireless broadband services' is starting in New Brunswick and expanding across that province during the ne...

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Eastlink expanding New Brunswick mobile network

Canadian cable and cellular operator Eastlink has announced plans to invest CAD26 million (USD20 million) to expand its mobile network in New Brunswick, aiming to 'bringing more choice and competition to mobile customers' in the northern part of the province. Taking place 'over the next couple of years the project will expand existing coverage from...

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Firewall Primer: Best Practices for Avoiding Downtime

Written by Jerry Dillard, CTO and Co-founder of Garland Technology Firewalls are the most recognized security tool for safeguarding your network and are a critical component of any security infrastructure. Firewalls are considered the gatekeeper for most network security architectures, allowing only defined traffic on the network. Basically, a fire...

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SaskTel launches Rural Broadband Partnership with rural ISPs

Canada's SaskTel announced the launch of its Rural Broadband Partnership Programme, an initiative to partner with smaller internet providers to bring advanced broadband connectivity to underserved farms, acreages, Indigenous communities and other hard to serve rural areas in Saskatchewan. Don Morgan, Minister Responsible for SaskTel, stated: 'Maxim...

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Guide to Inline Security: Avoid the Pitfalls

We know security is top of mind these days. And, pressure from executives is growing because security can: Impact revenueIncrease corporate riskAdversely affect customer satisfactionJeopardize regulatory compliance initiatives An inline security solution is one way to address these concerns, but it takes more than simply installing an appliance — p...

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Five Ways to Improve Network Performance with Active Monitoring

Your network is more than an information delivery system. It's the heartbeat of your business. Don't let performance problems spoil your users' experience. Active monitoring provides advantages you can't get from the traditional reactive approach. It provides the intelligence you need to: Validate performance before deploying new infrastructure or ...

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Canada proceeds with CAD1.4bn Telesat investment; OneWeb agrees satellite deal with Northwestel

Canada's federal government has entered into an agreement-in-principle with Telesat to invest CAD1.44 billion (USD1.15 billion) into Telesat's advanced low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, Telesat Lightspeed, through a CAD790 million repayable loan and a CAD650 million preferred share equity investment for which the government would recei...

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Ontario broadband projects get CAD1.2bn govt funding; Telesat launching CAD109m Ontario partnership

Canada's federal government and the provincial government of Ontario have committed joint investment of over CAD1.24 billion (USD990 million) to expand high speed internet in all corners of the province by 2025, covering nearly 280,000 rural households, including: CAD148 million for northwestern Ontario (connecting 11,200 households); CAD362 millio...

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6.4% sales growth for Bell in Q2

Bell Canada's quarterly net income increased by 149.7% year-on-year to CAD734 million (USD584 million) in Q2 2021, on consolidated revenue growth of 6.4% to CAD5.698 billion. Adjusted EBITDA rose 6.2% y-o-y in April-June to CAD2.476 billion. The operator highlighted 115,916 total wireless mobile phone and mobile connected device, retail internet an...

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Telus Q2 revenues climb 10%

Canadian full-service operator Telus reported that its consolidated operating revenues for the second quarter of 2021 increased by 10% year-on-year to CAD4.1 billion (USD3.3 billion). EBITDA rose by 6.8% to CAD1.45 billion while adjusted EBITDA increased by 9.5% to CAD1.50 billion, and quarterly net income expanded by 9.2% to CAD344 million. CAPEX ...

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Videotron plans expansion to new provinces following 3.5GHz 5G investment

Quebec-based cable and mobile network operator Videotron – which spent CAD830.0 million (USD665 million) in Canada's 3.5GHz 5G spectrum auction – stated in a press release that: 'The strategic investment positions Quebec's flagship carrier to realise its ambition of boosting healthy competition in telecom beyond the borders of Quebec.' Videotron, c...

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Canadian 3.5GHz 5G auction raises CAD8.9bn

Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED) has announced the results of the country's 3500MHz 5G frequency licence auction, raising CAD8.912 billion (USD7.146 billion) after 103 rounds of bidding. A total of 3,431 regional spectrum licences were assigned, including 1,495 licences won via auction and 1,936 'transitioned' licences –...

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Rogers’ quarterly revenues improve 14% year-on-year

Canadian mobile market leader Rogers Communications' total revenue increased by 14% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2021 to CAD3.582 billion (USD2.834 billion). Wireless revenue increased by 7% to CAD2.064 billion, with underlying mobile service revenue rising 2%, mainly as a result of a larger post-paid subscriber base, helped by higher roam...

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5 Reason’s to add Keysight Visibility Solutions to Cisco Security deployments

Photo by Jordan Harrison on Unsplash" /> Doug Hurd Manager of Cisco Secure Technical Alliance discusses how to eliminate five common problems in security deployments. Maintain tools without taking down the network – as it is never a good time to take the network down a visibility fabric allows you to architect the network to avoid this Avoid ...

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Bell 5G reaches Atlantic Canada – claims first launch in Newfoundland & Labrador

Bell Canada has expanded its commercial 5G mobile network to the Atlantic Canada provinces, announcing launches in Halifax Regional Municipality (Nova Scotia), Fredericton (New Brunswick) and St. John's, Flatrock, Paradise, Portugal Cove and Wabana (all in Newfoundland & Labrador, claiming the first 5G service in the province). 5G from Bell is ...

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Telus launches ‘PureFibre X’ 2.5Gbps internet speeds

Telus has claimed the launch of Canada's fastest consumer internet service, with upload and download speeds of 2.5Gbps. The 'PureFibre X' service is initially available in parts of Calgary, with plans to expand coverage to other locations across Alberta province and British Columbia in the coming months. In its press release, Telus also highlighted...

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