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Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet: Layers 1-3

Any time you encounter a user complaint, whether regarding slow Internet access, application errors, or other issues that impact productivity, it is important to begin with a thorough understanding of the user’s experience. Not sure where to begin?  User complaints usually fall into three categories: slow network, inability to access network resources, and application-specific issues. Based upon the complaint being presented you need to understand the symptoms and then isolate the issue to ...

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Measuring IPTV Quality

If you’re implementing IPTV, it’s important to know what metrics to monitor to ensure the transmission of high quality video. Managing performance entails more than tracking response time. Let’s look at the key metrics for managing IPTV in the following table: Performance AreaMetricDescriptionIPTV Service MetricsQoEVideo quality of experience measured via Media Delivery Index (MDI), most often displayed as two numbers separated by a colon: delay factor (DF) and the media loss rate (MLR)Packet lo...

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5 IPTV Monitoring Best Practices

Chances are you’ve seen Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) but didn’t know it. Different types of IPTV are popping up in our daily lives ranging from Video-On-Demand to being greeted by pre-recorded video messages at the gas pump or ATM. And many businesses are adopting IPTV to broadcast live or on-demand video content to employees, partners, customers, and investors. But what does this mean for the network team? In this article we’ll outline IPTV basics and focus on primary management challenges and b...

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Infosim® provides any-to-any IoT management with StableNet®

The unprecedented complexity of IoT is bringing together a universe of "things" that were not designed to work together or share data. Data is increasing exponentially. Competitive edge often depends on getting new services to market quickly. New management systems can take years to roll out.  Now there's StableNet® — an innovative, flexible p...

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Eight Steps to take when conducting your first threat hunt

Unlike traditional, reactive approaches to detection, hunting is proactive. With hunting, security professionals don't wait to take action until they've received a security alert or, even worse, suffer a data breach. Instead, hunting entails looking for opponents who are already in your environment. Hunting leads to discovering undesirable activity...

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Infosim: Go with the flow – choose the right tool though!

NetFlow is a handy tool in the daily work of Network Admins and Analysts. It can be used to measure traffic in networks from an End-to-End perspective, and allows the filtering by several types of data: ​Time Source/destination IP Source/destination port numbers (at least for UDP and TCP) Ingress interface SNMP ifIndex TOS informatio...

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Ixia Has Your Secret Weapon Against SSL Threats

It has finally happened: thanks to advances in encryption, legacy security and monitoring tools are now useless when it comes to SSL. Read this white paper from Ixia, to learn how this negatively impacts visibility into network applications, such as e-mail, e-commerce, online banking, and data storage. Or even worse, how advanced malware ...

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Viavi's On-Demand Application Dependency Mapping Central to Latest Observer Update

New Observer Apex offers faster loading speeds, connection dynamics functionality for packet visibility, on-demand application dependency mapping (ADM), improved widget editor for faster insights, VoIP service-level agreement assurance based on threshold monitoring, faster alarms, and more. On-Demand ADM On-demand ADM offers fast discovery of appli...

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NMSaaS' The Importance of Network Performance Monitoring

In 2017, any drop in your network's performance will affect your enterprise's overall productivity. Ensuring the optimal performance of your network, in turn, requires sophisticated network performance monitoring. Through exceptional reporting and optimization, a high-quality network performance monitoring service can ensure that every aspect of yo...

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Managing Phantom Devices on Your Network

{jcomments on} Detecting Phantom Devices on Your Network So you run a network discovery and you notice devices that you are not familiar with. A phantom device is a device that is unmanaged that should be monitored by your Network Management System (NMS) It seems these devices show up even though you have processes in place to prevent this type of behavior. These could be devices connected to the wrong network, printers, BYOD etc. A phantom device is invisible to you so you are unaware of the de...

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3 Key Differences Between NetFlow and Packet Capture Performance Monitoring

The increasing density, complexity and expanse of modern networking environments have fueled the ongoing debate around which network analysis and monitoring tools serve the needs of the modern engineer best - placing Packet Capture and NetFlow Analysis at center-stage of the conversation. Granted, both can be extremely valuable tools in ongoing efforts to maintain and optimize complex environments, but as an engineer, I tend to focus on solutions that give me the insights I need without too much...

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SDN/NFV – From Theory to Praxis with Infosim® StableNet®

InterComms talks to Marius Heuler, CTO Infosim®, about Infosim® StableNet® and the management and orchestration of SDN and NFV environments Marius Heuler has more than 15 years of experience in network management and optimization. As CTO and founding member of Infosim®, he is responsible for leading the Infosim® technical team in architecting, developing, and delivering StableNet®. He graduated from the University of Würzburg with a degree in Computer Science, holds several Cisco certifications,...

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Infosim® Product Called StableNet® Chosen as Athenahealth Consolidates Network Performance Monitoring

Infosim®, the new leader in network performance management, today announced that it has been selected as the supplier of choice to consolidate the IT infrastructure performance monitoring capabilities at Athenahealth. Following an extensive evaluation of the performance management market, the organization identified StableNet® as the only vendor capable of offering a single comprehensive view of the performance and capacity of its IT infrastructure in one unified solution, and with the highest l...

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Webinar November 24th: Move Your Enterprise Network Management To The Cloud

Webinar November 24th: Move Your Enterprise Network Management To The Cloud

NMSaaS Webinar November 24th at 2:00pm EST Are you tired of "Tool Sprawl" and large CAPEX intestments when trying to deliver Enterprise network Management for Network Monitoring, VoIP Monitoring and Config Management to your organization?  This Wedinar will provide an in depth demonstration on how to move your enterprise network to the cloud using the following solutions: Network ManagementVoIP monitoringConfiguration ManagementNetFlow Monitoring  

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Healthcare IT Reveals Network Rx

Healthcare IT Reveals Network Rx

IT Heroes: A Prescription for Network Health Each and every day, the bold men and women of IT risk it all to deliver critical applications and services. Their stories are unique. Their triumphs inspire. For the first time ever, the IT Heroes Series offers a revealing glimpse into the secrets and strategies that have won accolades for network teams around the world – and could do the same for you. Initial Symptoms Located in South West England, the Northern Devon National Health Service (NHS...

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ThreatARMOR Reduces Your Network’s Attack Surface

2014 saw the creation of more than 317 million new pieces of malware. That means an average of nearly one million new threats were released each day. Here at Ixia we’ve been collecting and organizing threat intelligence data for years to help test the industry’s top network security products. Our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) research center maintains one of the most comprehensive lists of malware, botnets, and network incursions for exactly this purpose. We’ve had many requests to l...

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The Network Design and Equipment Deployment Lifecycle

As we all know, technology has a life cycle of birth, early adoption, mainstream, and then obsoletion. Even the average consumer is very in touch with this lifecycle. However, within this overarching lifecycle there are “mini” lifecycles. One of these mini lifecycles that is particularly important to enterprises is the network design and equipment deployment lifecycle. This lifecycle is the basic roadmap of how equipment gets deployed within a company data network and key a topic of concern for ...

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Key Factors in NCCM and CMDB Integration - Part 2 – Change Configuration and Backup

In Part 1 of this series I discussed how an NCCM solution and a CMDB can work together to create a more effective IT inventory system. In this post, I will be taking that a step further and show how your change configuration process will benefit from integration with that same CMDB. In general, the process of implementing IT infrastructure change happens at 3 separate stages of an assets lifecycle. Initial deployment / provisioningIn production / changesDecommissioning / removal In each of these...

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Infosim® Announces Release of StableNet® 7.5

Infosim®, the technology leader in automated Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance solutions, today announced the release of version 7.5 of its award-winning software suite StableNet® for Telco and Enterprise customers. StableNet® 7.5 provides a significant number of powerful new features, including: Dynamic Rule Generation (DRG); a new and revolutionary Fault Management concept REST interface supporting the new StableNet® iPhone (and upcoming Android) app Highly customizable dashboard ...

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Two Ways Networks Are Transformed By NetFlow

According an article in "Your routers and switches can yield a mother lode of information about your network--if you know where to dig." The article goes on to say that excavating and searching through endless traffic data and logs manufactured by your network system is a lot like mining for gold, and punching random holes to look for a few nuggets of information isn't very efficient. Your search will be much more fruitful if you know where to look and what it will look like. Fort...

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