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Security is Broken - Let's fix it

This statement might be bold but it is accurate. While the current security solutions are more sophisticated than ever and the regulators all over the world mandate advanced protection and procedures to be used, secruity breaches continue to happen . Reading through any report – from government agencies, public security companies and private analysts, it is clear that the overall state of security is not enough. This unique situation is caused due to several factors. Each of those factors is pow...

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Telnet Announces Partnership with ASC Technologies

ASC Delivers cloud-based Recording and analytics Hösbach, August 26, 2022 — ASC, worldwide leading provider of software and cloud solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Telnet Networks today. The Microsoft Solution Partner is offering managed IT services to improve efficiency and security for small and mid-market organizations. Both comp...

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Year-End Network Monitoring Assessment

Planning for the Future As we approach the New Year, many organizations’ data centers and network configurations are in lockdown mode. Whether this is due to assuming a defensive posture against the onslaught of holiday ecommerce traffic, or an accommodation to vacationing staff, the situation provides network managers an opportunity to perform a year-end network monitoring assessment Establish Future Goals, Identify Current Weaknesses and Make Sure Core Tasks and Goals Are Achieved   Q. Ho...

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Xplore expands 100Mbps services in rural New Brunswick

Canadian fixed broadband operator Xplore (formerly Xplornet) has announced a list of 124 additional rural communities in New Brunswick which can now access its premium 100Mbps download/10Mbps upload internet speeds with unlimited monthly data. The latest rollout covers more than 21,000 homes and businesses, doubling the download speed previously av...

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Bell lights up first 8Gbps areas

Bell Canada has announced the launch of symmetrical 8Gbps fibre broadband internet access in 'eligible' districts of Toronto as previously promised, and says it will continue to expand availability of the 'Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0' service across its footprint over the coming months. In addition to download and upload speeds of 8Gbps, the new fibre pa...

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ISED blocks Telus from acquiring Xplore Mobile spectrum

Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED) has stopped major national operator Telus from acquiring mobile broadband spectrum in Manitoba from the defunct Xplore Mobile, which shut down at the end of last month. Explaining its decision to block the frequency transaction application, ISED stated: 'The proposed transfer raised subst...

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Bell plans to merge EBOX with Distributel

Bell Canada's CFO Glen LeBlanc has told a telecoms and media conference that the group plans to merge the operations of its subsidiary EBOX with alternative telco Distributel if the takeover deal for the latter – announced earlier this month – receives regulatory clearance. As reported by MobilSyrup, LeBlanc said: 'We will leave [Distributel] as a ...

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Xplornet Communications shortens name to Xplore

Xplornet Communications, Canada's largest rural-focused fixed broadband provider, has rebranded itself as Xplore, with Xplore Inc. now its full registered name, with the Xplornet Enterprise Solutions division now named Xplore Business. CEO Allison Lenehan said: 'For nearly 20 years, we have chosen to focus on providing broadband to Canadians who ha...

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Three Key Area's to Address Deploying Inline Security Tools

Anyone in network security knows that it is a complicated and involved process. The clear goal is to prevent security breaches. How do you go about that though? There are so many schools of thought, methods, and configurations. Here are just a few examples: Cyber range trainingCyber resilience Defense in depthEncryptionEndpoint securityFirewallsInl...

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Canadian operators agree to emergency roaming and mutual assistance commitments

Major Canadian telecoms network operators have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Telecommunications Reliability 'to ensure the reliability and resiliency of communications networks that are a significant lifeline for those in need during natural disasters, network failures and other impactful emergencies.' The action was ordered by Minister o...

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Distributel and Primus Canada to join the Bell group

Bell Canada has agreed on the takeover of alternative telco Distributel, a merger which the latter says will support its growth strategy in the residential and business segments for internet services. Bell said in a press release that, via new investment, Distributel – which owns brands including Primus – will benefit from expanded resources and ac...

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Rogers secures extension agreements with lenders to support Shaw acquisition

Canada's Rogers Communications has announced the completion of agreements with holders of senior notes to ensure bond financing remains in place if it cannot close its proposed merger with Shaw Communications before the end of 2022. The 'special mandatory redemption date' for the relevant bond holders has been extended to 31 December 2023. As previ...

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New Partnership Announcement – Aukua Systems + Telnet Networks

Telnet Networks is now partnering with Aukua Systems, Inc. to be the Canadian reseller for Aukua's industry leading Ethernet testing and monitoring solutions. Aukua is an Austin, Tx based company, whose products have been supporting QA and R&D teams at Network Equipment Manufacturer, Semiconductor, Military and Aerospace Telecommunication Servi...

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Should I Be Concerned About Duplicate Packets on My Network?

By Keith Bromley, Keysight Technologies, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing Duplicate packets – no big deal right? That answer is most often wrong. While it is normal to have some duplicate packets on your network, the amount of duplicate packets matters. In addition, where are the duplicate packets coming from? You could have a problem and not ev...

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The difference between network and security monitoring

Network monitoring can be described in many ways, but very often it is defined in the following way: 'Network management is the process of configuring, monitoring and maintaining a reliable network ensuring connectivity between devices and the people or software applications.' Several frameworks have been developed around network monitoring, for ex...

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Rogers, Shaw and Quebecor sign ‘Definitive Agreement’ for sale of Freedom Mobile to Videotron

Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications and Quebecor announced on 12 August that they have entered into a 'Definitive Agreement' for the sale of Shaw's subsidiary Freedom Mobile to Quebecor's cableco/cellco division Videotron, under terms consistent with those agreed by the parties when they originally announced the deal on 17 June 2022. The tra...

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Bell’s 2.9% Q2 sales growth helped by strong mobile, residential fixed broadband performance

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) reported that total operating revenue increased 2.9% year-on-year in Q2 2022 to CAD5.861 billion (USD4.561 billion), driven by 3.8% higher service revenue of CAD5.233 billion – helped in particular by 7.8% mobile service revenue growth and 8.0% higher residential fixed internet revenue – plus media division improvement...

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Ontario issues eight ISPs CAD1.25bn to connect 266,000 premises in 339 municipalities

The Ontario government yesterday (4 August 2022) issued funding contracts worth CAD1.25 billion (USD975 million) to eight ISPs to expand high speed fixed broadband internet access to 266,000 unserved and underserved homes and businesses in 339 municipalities across the Canadian province by end-2025. The project forms part of the near-CAD4 billion '...

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Bell accelerating fibre to 8Gbps in Toronto; claims North American speed bragging rights

Bell Canada yesterday announced that it will introduce faster symmetrical fibre broadband speeds of up to 8Gbps next month in selected areas of Toronto, claiming that this will give it the fastest internet speeds of any major North American provider. Having already claimed the fastest download/upload speeds amongst major Canadian providers with the...

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Videotron takes a bite of Ontario market with Burger buyout

Quebecor, the parent of Quebec-based cableco/cellco Videotron, has purchased smaller internet and TV provider VMedia, a move which signifies the group's intentions to expand outside its home province, reports the Hamilton Spectator. VMedia's customer base is primarily concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario province. The independe...

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