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Load Balancing Your Security Solution for Fun and Profit!

Maximizing the Value and Resiliency of Your Deployed Enterprise Security Solution with Intelligent Load Balancing Correctly implementing your security solution in the presence of complex, high-volume user traffic has always been a difficult challenge for network architects. The data in transit on your network originates from many places and fluctuates with respect to data rates, complexity, and the occurrence of malicious events. Internal users create vastly different network traffic than extern...

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Don’t Be Lulled to Sleep with a Security Fable. . .

Once upon a time, all you needed was a firewall to call yourself “secure.” But then, things changed. More networks are created every day, every network is visible to the others, and they connect with each other all the time—no matter how far away or how unrelated. And malicious threats have taken notice . . . As the Internet got bigger, anonymity got smaller. It’s impossible to go “unnoticed” on the Internet now. Everybody is a target. Into today’s network landscape, every network is under the t...

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The State of Enterprise Security Resilience - An Ixia Research Report

Ixia, an international leader in application performance and security resilience technology, conducted a survey to better understand how network security resilience solutions and techniques are used within the modern enterprise. While information exists on security products and threats, very little is available on how it is actually being used and the techniques and technology to ensure that security is completely integrated into the corporate network structure. This report presents the research...

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What if Sony Used Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP)?

Trying to detect intrusions in your network and extracting data from your network is a tricky business. Deep insight requires a deep understanding of the context of your network traffic—where are connections coming from, where are they going, and what are the specific applications in use. Without this breadth of insight, you can’t take action to stop and remediate attacks, especially from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). To see how Ixia helps its customers gain this actionable insight into the...

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Application Intelligence Supercharges Network Security

I was recently at a conference where the topic of network security came up again, like it always does. It seems like there might be a little more attention on it now, not really due to the number of breaches—although that plays into a little—but more because companies are being held accountable for allowing the breaches. Examples include Target (where both the CIO and CEO got fired over that breach in 2013) and the fact that the FCC and FTC are fining companies (like YourTel America, TerraCom, P...

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Visibility Architectures Enable Real-Time Network Vigilance

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog on how to use a network lifecycle approach to improve your network security. I wanted to come back and revisit this as I’ve had a few people ask me why the visibility architecture is so important. They had (incorrectly, IMO) been told by others to just focus on the security architecture and everything else would work out fine. The reason you need a visibility architecture in place is because if you are attacked, or breached, how will you know? During a DDoS ...

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5 Ways to Use APM for Post-Event Security Forensics

Most security experts agree that the rapidly changing nature of malware, hack attacks and government espionage practically guarantees your IT infrastructure will be compromised. According to the 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average detection, escalation and notification costs for a breach is approximately $1 million. Post-incident costs averaged $1.6 million. Once an attacker is within the network, it can be very difficult to identify and elimi...

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Improving Network Visibility – Part 1: Data and Packet Conditioning

“What can really be done to improve network visibility?” This is a question that our customers often ask us. They’ve heard about this and that and something else but are often left confused as to what capabilities actually exist in the market to solve their network visibility problems. In this multi-part blog, I’ll provide you an in-depth view of features that will deliver true benefits. There are 5 fundamental feature sets that we’ll cover: Data and packet conditioning Advanced packet filtering...

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The Real Secret to Securing Your Network

The key concept is that security isn’t something you purchase, it’s something you need to do – preferably on an everyday basis. There is no perfect security product that can stop intruders in their tracks. It needs to be a concerted process of best practices that are put into place and maintained. The first step is to put a visibility architecture in place that supports your security plan. A visibility architecture is essentially a cost-effective design that provides access to network traffic, i...

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